3/23 - I told Jeremiah the toaster was hot, and he held up his hand, palm facing, but not touching, and said, "hah".

3/25 - Jeremiah was whining about something, and Noah, to cheer him up, said, "Why cry, my pygmy fly?"  It made me laugh anyway!

3/26 - JPD definitely says "hi" now, especially when people walk into the room. Grammy also taught him "high five" which is pretty fun.  He said "hot" more, also.

3/27 - Joy remarks, "I got to put the dishwasher sugar in!"  She meant putting the powdered detergent in, and I emphasized to her that it was not sugar, but poison.

4/2 - a bit of JDD's chipped tooth fix came out

4/7 - Joy, "I thought I was coughing, but actually I was bless-you-ing."

4/9 - JPD walk to Fire Station - so happy to be out and walking! Waving to everything and everybody

4/10 - Joy calls facial tissue "noser".

4/11 - JPD dropping stuff on floor.  Mom, "Not a coleslaw fan, eh?"  JPD, "Didn't like that stuff."

4/18 - Joy knows all numerals 1-9, and finger quantities 1,2,3,5.  Playing with math cards with Mom and Faith.

4/18 - Joy play in attic > 1 hr.  Has since played up there for hours many days.  With clothes, mostly: suitcases, box for "hamper".

4/19 - Joy playing "balden eagle."

4/20 - Resurrection Egg Hunt.  JDD's favorite part - watching when his siblings find that the last one is empty! My favorite part was hearing his happy giddiness when he said that was his favorite part.

4/22 - Her mother's daughter: Joy, "I win!  And you win second!"

4/25 - JPD fall down porch stairs, catch self halfway

4/25 - F made 50% or more of pizza - chop onions, artichokes, press down dough, preheat oven, put dough in oven.

4/26 - Joy identified all the letters except D, M (said W), L, and U.  This was in Curious George Counts from 1 to 100, where both upper- and lower-case letters were listed together.

She has also been able to write her own name for a while.  She also knows all the letters in Faith's name, but not in the correct order yet.

4/26 - JPD can reach the handles on the pantry doors.  This is big trouble!

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Like mother, like daughter. That's great.

Posted by Linda Wightman on April 27, 2014, 9:01 pm
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