5/1 - Joy playing with even/odd dot cards.  Didn't quite get the concept but sometimes was lucky, so I praised the correct answers.  Then 6/2 - much more consistently correct.

5/1 - Jeremiah, watching the kids in karate class, copying them - doing punches from the "en guarde" position. Very cute!

Jeremiah claps every time someone says, "good job!"

5/2-4 - Jeremiah says, "Uh! Uh!" going "up" the stairs.

5/7 - We were walking home from karate and I saw a place in someone's yard where there was a pile of dirt spilled on the sidewalk from the landscaping. Faith was behind me and when she got to the place started yelling very excitedly for me to come see this cool thing.  I'm thinking, "dirt is really that cool?"  But I came anyway, and when I got there I looked closer.  She was right!  It was ants.  A whole giant mass of ants, crawling all over one spot, looking like some spilled dirt.  It was worth all her excitement!  (Jonathan says to make sure to note that they were not army ants.)

5/9 - Joy, during dinner, "Moo! Moo!  My pizza is mooing."  (Jonathan says, "This was followed by much laughing.")

5/9 - Noah discovered that 5/3 is 1 + 1/2 + 1/6.  I had to double check because that is not how I solved it. But it works!

5/15 - We read the "As I Was Going To St. Ives" poem/riddle.  The kids who know more math were thinking and figuring.  Guess who got the right answer first? Joy!

5/18 - JPD left upper molar started breaking through.

5/19 - Jeremiah was going down the porch stairs and clearly said, "Down."

5/20 - Joy, while playing, and spinning the dial of a combination lock, "Five o'clock I go to Paggie P, three o'clock I go to David's."

5/22 - JPD upper right molar.

5/30 - Joy, playing house with herself, commented that, "Dad at him's 'T class."  [Dad is at his EMT class]

6/1 - It warms a mother's heart: Joy, "Mommy, when I grow up, I'm going to be like you."

Noah becoming a reading bug like his brother.  Takes Joy on walks to the library.  Sits on the couch reading for hours.  He has the other corner of our new couch, with a blanket over his legs, as his reading spot.

It has been so enjoyable to have weightier conversations with Jonathan recently.  He really thinks about things and has good ideas.  6/3 we had conversations about evolution, creation, young earth theory, old earth theory and government and healthcare.

6/4 - I got up in the morning and headed to the bathroom.  My brain was still sleepy, and I hadn't turned on the lights yet.  I saw something not quite right along the radiator mesh under the cabinet.  The cabinet and mesh are painted white.  There was a dark blob on the mesh.  At first, I thought it was some kind of giant beetle, but they do not live in this region.  Then I wondered if it was something spilling out of the cabinet but we have nothing like that in there - no dark towels, and the grocery bags don't look like that.  So I leaned over and turned on the light. Then it looked like it might be a tarantula, but they don't live around here, either, I think.  The truth finally dawned on me - it was a bat! How on earth did it get in our bathroom? I do not know.  I emptied the wipes box I use for cloth wipes and carefully plopped it over the bat.  He didn't
even stir.  Then I called for Jon and he got me a manila folder to slide under.  It didn't work from the top, and the bat started squeaking at me.  He didn't flutter, it was more like, "Hey, I'm trying to sleep here, go away!"  Then at Jon's suggestion, I scooped the box up onto the foler, and then we could see his tiny little feet clinging to the mesh for dear sleep.  We gave it to the boys to take outside and observe.  He stayed in the box for several minutes before flying away, so the boys got a good look at him.  That was the first time they'd seen a real bat close up. (At least for Noah - Jonathan might remember the bats at the Pittsburgh Zoo.)

6/5 - JPD lower left lateral incisor

6/6 - Jeremiah is definitely running now.  He also says "ow"

6/7 - Put in the whole vegetable garden in 5 hours.

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That's power gardening right there! Did the kids help?

Posted by Stephan on June 11, 2014, 5:56 pm

Noah planted all the tomatoes and Faith planted a couple of things, too. They also helped a bit with the preparation of the rows.

Posted by joyful on June 21, 2014, 3:36 pm
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