Jonathan can be very good at pouring things if he is careful. He can pour just the right amount of juice into a glass, he can pour just the right amount of cereal into a bowl. Sometimes he gets excited, especially to look around to make sure we're watching him, and that often leads to trouble. But if he concentrates, he does excellently!
Will has a set of question and answer cards that we were looking at last time we were over. It was an interesting study in testing and understanding for me. I found a question that I knew Jonathan knew the answer to (Who wrote The Cat in the Hat?) but I discovered immediately that he did not understand the question! At first he was blank, but then tried to guess, "You!" I tried phrasing it a few different ways, "The Cat in the Hat by . . .?" I finally hit on the right question: "What kind of book is The Cat in the Hat?" Immediately, he answered, "Dr.Seuss!" So then I explained to him what write and wrote mean and that the state of being a "Dr.Seuss book" means that Dr.Seuss wrote it.
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