On Sunday, I went to a baby shower and Jon and Jonathan went out to lunch with our pastoral intern. Then they took me home so I could get a nap, and headed out to the annual Texas Independence Day party at the Regans'. (TID is really in March, but the party was delayed.)
They had a very fun time at the party, and despite coming home at 1am, Jonathan was still chattering all about it. "There was all kinds of sorts of food at the party, and chips, and macaroni. And they had lightsabers and yellow bats. And they had games, and I played chess, and we sang, and there was a cat and some cat food. And there were GAMES and there was FOOD, etc......."

Meanwhile, Mommy had a very nice Sabbath rest. I had a long nap, then I did some sewing. I made some cookie dough to freeze (so we can have cookies in a few minutes if desired - Jon's request!) It was actually a little boring making cookie dough without Jonathan, though it did go quickly without much flour spillage. I went to bed at 10:30 and heard all about it when they got home.

It's great to have some alone time like that every once in a while. I think if they did that every Sunday, I'd miss them too much, but this was a nice break from routine.
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