Jonathan has gradually corrected his mispronunciation of words as he gets older. The two remaining sounds he has trouble with are hard "G" and "C/K." Around last week, he said "car" correctly. When he thinks about it, he can do it, and he likes to over-emphasise the ccckkk. He still says "tar" when he isn't thinking about it.

Just this afternoon, he was eating a popsicle and got a bowl out to catch the drips. Then he said he wouldn't have to have a bowl if he was sitting on the steps of the Maggie P. I said he was right, it would be ok to drip on the ground if it was outside. Then he said, "Maybe a dog could eat it." But I thought he said, "Maybe God could eat it." He pronounces both words the same, "dod." When I clarified with him, he said, "Not God; dod!" He distinctly put the hard G in the beginning! That is the first time I heard him do that.

I now consider Jonathan daytime potty trained. He does like to wait until the last possible minute, so some leakage does occur often, but he knows his body's signals.

He got some new shoes and sandals (light-up!) - nearly a year since the last time. They are both velcro and so he can put them on himself. He is also getting fast at putting underwear and pants on.

He likes to dress up by wearing blankets, towels, and pieces of fabric. They can be anything from capes to hats to Samurai outfits! Also, he likes to be a Vug under a Rug (Dr.Seuss.)
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Today he never put his clothes on after waking up and taking off his diaper - so when I asked him to go to the bathroom, he asked for someone to come with him, and I said that it seemed like he was big enough to do that by himself, especially since he didn't have clothes on (there are only a couple reasons he seems to want people to come with him - help with clothes, turn on the lights, and sometimes just keep him company), so he went and put some shorts on and then asked me to come with him with a big grin on his face. When we got upstairs he took off his shorts by himself as well.
Posted by jondaley on August 12, 2006, 12:47 pm
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