Jonathan has been using scissors for a long time, but I just wanted to write down how cute he is when he cuts things. His mouth opens and closes exactly with each motion of the scissors.

Soot-su is the main character in his imaginary world, and now she has been joined by Peddy-Deddy, Ron-ron, and other Deddys: Heddy, and Yeddy usually.

Soot-su can do many things than Jonathan likes to do, and other things that he wishes he can do. Soot-su is any size and any age she needs to be to fit the situation. She can reach high up like Daddy, she can drink milk from her Mommy, when she was a baby, Jonathan liked to play with her; she can make all sorts of dinners.

Jonathan has parties with "my friends" all the time, either at Soot-su's house, or our house, or the Deddys' house. "After church, we're going to Soot-su's house!"

Peddy-Deddy bought a new car in case the old one breaks down. He has a mini cooper car and a pt cruiser that they all get to play in. One day, all the Deddys except Peddy were sick, and he (Peddy) was taking care of them until they got better.

Soot-su's mommy just had another baby and his name is Soot-su-ron-ron. Jonathan had to call Soot-su on the phone to ask her about the name because he couldn't remember it. He can already sit up, since we had to bring the booster seat to the table so he could eat lunch with us.

Tune in later for more Adventures with Soot-su!
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It's so fun to come back and remember this stuff. I'm glad I wrote it down.

We were talking at breakfast about how Noah likes to say "Funny Bunny" and "Nobody" and I mentioned that I had an imaginary friend called "Friend Nobody" when I was a kid. Then I asked Jonathan if he remembered Soot-su and he said no. I tried to tell him about her friends but I could only remember Ron-ron and that the other guys all had the same last name.

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