Some people have been talking about whether they think in blogging, as in: "this is so much fun, I should blog about it", or, "look how cute the kids are being, I should grab a camera so I can post it on flickr", etc.

I didn't particularly relate to that, but this morning I re-discovered a cipher book I liked as a kid, and thought it would be fun to go through some of it.  And then thought, I could write a script to do this for me, and then, maybe I should blog about that. hrm....

Isaac Lisa Faith Isaac Todd Heather Shirley Todd Jon Isaac Lisa Isaac Lisa Lisa Mary Jonathan Heather Shirley Jon Faith Mary Isaac Isaac Jon Noah Shirley Heather Todd Shirley Heather Jon Faith Shirley Lisa Noah Heather Jonathan Shirley Isaac Jon Jonathan Lisa Mary Isaac Mary Lisa Shirley Heather Jonathan Heather Jonathan Lisa Mary Faith Joe Lisa Jon Mary Faith Shirley Faith Isaac Todd Todd Jonathan Todd Faith Shirley Joe Isaac Joe Lisa Heather Joe Isaac Heather Joe Jonathan Todd Lisa Heather Jonathan Jon Noah Heather Heather Todd Heather Isaac Shirley Lisa Jon Mary Todd Isaac Faith Joe Todd Noah Faith Faith Isaac Todd Faith Joe Shirley Lisa Jonathan Noah Shirley Lisa Mary Isaac Heather Faith Isaac Faith Mary Heather Joe Joe Shirley Mary Todd Jonathan Mary Heather Noah Jonathan Todd Shirley Lisa Faith Faith Shirley Heather Jonathan Jon Shirley Isaac Faith Jonathan Faith Lisa Heather Joe Mary Mary Joe Joe Lisa Faith Isaac Jon Noah Mary Todd Noah Jon Lisa Noah Faith Jonathan Heather Heather Mary Heather Noah Todd Lisa Shirley Heather Jonathan Joe Isaac Noah Lisa Lisa Noah Todd Heather Heather Shirley Heather Joe Noah Mary Todd Mary Shirley Todd Shirley Lisa Noah Todd Heather Joe Faith Shirley Lisa Joe Lisa Shirley Jon Jon Jon Mary Isaac Noah Mary Heather Heather Shirley Mary Lisa Jon Heather Lisa Todd Shirley Lisa Isaac Shirley Noah Lisa Heather Todd Mary Shirley Lisa Mary Jon Noah Heather Joe Shirley Shirley Lisa Noah Jon Mary Joe Joe Jonathan Faith Mary Shirley Isaac Shirley Todd Shirley Heather Isaac Lisa Joe Jonathan Shirley Joe Faith Faith Faith Joe Todd Heather Isaac

Posted by Jon Daley on February 25, 2009, 12:35 pm | Read 6909 times
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Hmmm. With only 11 unique names, it's not likely to be a simple substitution code. Unfortunately, that's about all the time I'm probably going to put into thinking about it. Stephan might, but he's a bit distracted right now. Maybe Peter?

Maybe my brain will take a break from thinking in "write" and subconsciously work on codes for a while. You never know.

I did not interpret "thinking in blog" that way -- at least that's not what means it me. It's not primarily that I'm always thinking "I should blog about that," but that my mind is nearly always writing blog posts, whether they ever see the light of day or not.

Posted by SursumCorda on February 25, 2009, 3:15 pm

The funny thing is that I added more names to make it harder. I suppose if I made it have 26 names then maybe that would lead you astray?

I was thinking about one hint, though I didn't want to give it away (only to some). And I'm not sure if the new and improved, secure LifeType will let me do as fancy HTML as used to be possible. Let's see if hovering your mouse over this link works (the word that goes in the blank is the clue).

Posted by jondaley on February 25, 2009, 3:23 pm
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