We're back from a lovely two weeks at the best little house in the world.  I'll save time (so much to catch up on!) by linking to Janet's first post and you can proceed through all five entries.  The boys absolutely loved the sand and water and freedom.  It was rather hot throughout the visit, but at least we had the water nearby to cool off in.

Our drive there was 14 hours, hot and pretty miserable.  Our drive back was just under 11, cooler and much better handled by all.

Here are our pictures from the trip. Janet has some lovely ones as well.

You'll note pictures of the boys catching "shoefish" and it was our very own cousin S who said if they served it to us raw it would be "shoeshi." 

On the first day, I showed Jonathan how to blow the foghorn and immediately Noah was fascinated.  He occasionally would blow hard enough to sound it, but his favorite way was singing into it.  He discovered the resonant frequency and the rest of us thought that was pretty cool, too.

Noah's walking improved drastically.  He said Grandma once ("go-ma" in the right context.) Both bottom canines are in, for a total of 16 teeth.  He likes to give kisses, including air kisses, and raspberries, too.

Jonathan made great progress in the swimming department, comfortable enough to walk around in water up to his chest, and occasionally dog paddling for a few strokes independently. 

Noah was happy to dunk his face in on purpose, licking the water, or blowing bubbles.  He usually wasn't fazed even if he got his whole head wet accidentally.

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