We went camping last weekend with some friends from Providence Church and the Venables.  We went to a fairly new, no RV, family-run place near Moraine State Park called Breakneck Campground

We arrived early, since we didn't have to wait for Jon to be done with work (yay Lime Daley!)  It was cool and breezy and quiet with space to explore.  The owner grew up here (his father's and grandfather's farms are just down the road) and showed us a path we could take down to the creek. 

The water level was low and the bed was made mostly of shale - flat and stable for walking on, even for a new walker.  Jonathan and Jon went ahead and Noah held my hand as we enjoyed our slow walk.  It was so relaxing and cool.  There was a natural pool a ways down where we skipped rocks (or plopped them.)  Jon succeeded in skipping a rock up two levels of shale.  There was some silt/mud, but once it settled the water was clear.  There were even some little fish.

The Venables arrived next and all the rest just before dark. We hung around the campfire a bit and then went to bed.  Jon and Peter observed the stars for a while.

The colors above me when I woke up were beautifully vivid - the bright blue sky and the striking green of leaves lit from below.  We had three dozen eggs and two pounds of bacon for breakfast (this is 8 adults and 4 kids.)

After much getting ready, we drove to Moraine and rented a pontoon boat.  The sun was warm but the air was cool, so some people had a discussion about whether it's better to wear hoodies (hooded sweatshirts) or blankets.  Blankets are easier to take on and off, hoodies leave your hands free.

Only one adult had a fishing license, and he sat at the stern casting and waiting.  Once he caught one, Jonathan wanted to fish, too.  There was only one pole, so Jon got some extra line set up with a hook and sinker and tied the other end to Jonathan's wrist.  Using worms for bait, Jonathan caught FOUR fish that way!

After our three hour rental was up (sorry no island shipwrecks) we went to the beach where Noah slept in the hot sun and everyone else (except Noah's Mommy umbrella) swam in the cold water.

Back at the campsite, we rested a bit and then some headed to McConnell's Mill State Park for hiking and the Venables and Daleys (except Jon who was tending the dinner fire) and Brian went down to the creek.  The Venables didn't want to take off their shoes and walk in the creek, but we spent a bit of time playing around at the edge.

Dinner was corn baked in the coals and hamburgers and hot dogs grilled over the campfire.  We had s'mores and mountain pies for dessert.

We sang hymns a cappella, played Mafia (mafia won one and the second was a draw) and then went to bed.  Jon had put the rain fly up and that was good because it rained lightly on and off all night.

Breakfast was pancakes and we left soon after so that we could go to church.  It was a nice trip and we finally found a campground we like. 

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Sounds LOVELY! What a fisherman!

I remember Jonathan wanting to fish at the Maggie P. Maybe some day we'll be there when the snappers are running....

Posted by SursumCorda on August 23, 2007, 12:35 pm
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