I got a notification from a credit bureau today saying that a new account had been opened by: Verizon Pen, PO BOX 165018, COLUMBUS, OH 43216.
Since I haven't changed phone service since last year, it seemed odd that there would be a new account from Verizon.My mortgage company had their backup tapes lost in transit (via DHL) a while ago, and so signed us up for a free credit reporting thing.
I called Verizon Residential to see if they would have done a new account or anything, and they said no, that it must be fraud. But, a lady said she would look into it, and make sure that it wasn't some other Verizon company, Verizon DSL, FIOS, DirectTV, etc.
She called back 40 minutes later, but instead of leaving a message, put my voicemail on a conference call with another customer (who, by the way, also complained about the voice prompt system that Verizon has - it is the worst speech recognition accuracy I have ever seen -- three choices per menu, and it is wrong about 80% of the time).
I tried to call her back, but everyone insisted that she didn't exist, and transferred me from department to department trying to get rid of me.
Finally found a supervisor who knew how to click on the "view previous tickets" button, so was able to see that yes, a Tasha in a Verizon DSL billing department did exist somewhere, but he couldn't contact her. He decided it was a Verizon Residential problem, and transferred me there, and then back to the Residential fraud person.
Finally - someone who has a clue - she said that Verizon recently started doing credit checks every month, and because of the way they do the check, the credit bureau would report it as a new account. She also verified the Columbus, OH address, which every other Verizon employee said there was no way that was a valid Verizon address, unless it was a mall kiosk or something.
While I was on the phone with the fraud department, the non-existent lady called back, who had still been working on it, and had gotten a supervisor working on it too. They hadn't figured anything out, and were quite relieved to find that I had found someone with the answer.
Yay for speaker phones, so I could continue working while on hold. I don't think it is a record with Verizon, but this phone call was an hour and twelve minutes long.

I tried to get the fraud lady to tell other people that this exists, but she didn't think that would be really possible. So, since Verizon can't do it, I am providing this page to do their billing support for them.
Posted by Jon Daley on March 31, 2006, 2:33 pm | Read 203421 times
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what is the number to verizon pen columbus oh credit agency?

Posted by geez on November 5, 2007, 5:43 pm

what is the number to verizon pen columbus oh collection agency?

Posted by geez on November 5, 2007, 5:43 pm

The Verizon Credit Reporting Department is Verizon Credit Reporting number is 877-325-5156. Your phone line has three services: basic phone, extra phone and long distance so if any part goes past due that amount can be moved to a collection account. Since Verizon credit reports collection accounts you could have three collection accounts for one phone number. Therefore, when you make ANY CHANGES TO YOUR SERVICE you should make sure that you pay ALL OF YOUR BILLS IN FULL! Your bill is due within sixty days of the final bill date so it doesn't get reported on your credit report. I learned the hard way! I didn't even know they did that, but they do. Therefore make sure you pay your bill IN FULL EVERY MONTH and if you EVER make ANY changes to your services make sure you PAY every charge so you don't get a collection account on your credit report.

Posted by PDiego on November 29, 2007, 1:37 am

I recently disconnected all Verizon services and will never do business with them again. I received an AFNI notice for almost $400 on a Verizon phone number that was disconnected in 1997! I am sure this bill was paid. Verizon is a crook selling paid accounts. I have complained to the attorney general's offices in both Illinois (where AFNI is located) and New York (where the phone number was.)
So I have switched my phone and internet services to Comcast. They're a nightmare to deal with also. But at least they're not trying to collect on bills that were already paid.

Posted by Danielle on January 12, 2008, 4:47 am

Thanks to all the above postings, I was able to
speak to a person in the fraud department at Verizon 1-800-660-0505 and then to a person in the "Sold Accounts" (i.e. accounts sold by Verizon to a collection agency)
dept. at AFNI @ 1-888-879-6810 and learn that I could electronically file with them a Fraud Affidavit Re: a verizon account I never had, which was fraudently opened for four months during the time I was a victim of identity theft(1999)...and so posted at all three credit union sites in that same year.
Hopefully, 30 days after filling out this information they will send me a letter resolving the dispute on this case... once and for all, the AFNI rep. did mention that once Verizon has "sold" these unclosed accounts, they can not be sold to another collection agency...meaning that once a dispute with AFNI is resovled... there ends the matter. Even though I have been through this in 1999 with Verizon and thought the matter resolved.
Verizon was the only company through which an account was opened with the fraudulently obtained info... the SEARS fraud department easily caught a suspect trying to use the fraudulent info....but not Verizon.
thanks again all for the help!
At the time of the original fraud.... I too, had to fax Verizon all sorts of identity info.... but I blackened out any extra personal information that might appear on those documents... and verified the Verizon fax number ... by placing a call through to their fraud unit before faxing...at that time the number was different from that listed above in the posting from May.
Always be hesitant to give any identifying information in a phone call that you didn't generate.....

Posted by Ceg on January 25, 2008, 2:11 pm

I recently had the same thing happen to me. Verizon STH, is how is showed on my accout, a bill for $354 that I absolutely could not have created be/c I live overseas and have been for the past 2 years. I am only in the beginning stages of fighting this but hopefully, I will be able to get this removed from my credit.

Posted by 2fedup on February 7, 2008, 9:09 am

Ceg: I'm responding to your 1/25/08 post. What was the correct Verizon fax number? Thanks, D

Posted by DVa on February 23, 2008, 10:20 am

I have been paying on a Verizon family account for 10 years always on time etc. After my divorce, I tried to put the account in my name and continue it for me and continue it for me and my son. I was told there was an outstanding balance on another account from 1995 from a business my ex-husband owned (he was also a Verizon Employee) for $1200.00. I knew nothing about this account. They said if I did not pay it, I could not put the current account in my name even though for 10 years I was paying it always on time and I have a good credit rating. VERIZON SUCKS! They even interfered with child support -protecting their former employee so his pension could not be garnished for non-payment by child support. He never paid for the past 10 years and Verizon protected him. They are the lowest company on the face of the earth.

Posted by CB on May 6, 2008, 12:03 pm

I just recieved an email from Verizon stating that they could not process my bill through the original phone number that I provided. I do not have a Verizon account, other than cell phones, and therefore had no idea what they wanted. The email wanted me to provide new credit card information or risk having my service (which I don't have and never had had) terminated. I called the number provided in the email and they had no idea what I was talking about. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and about 15 minutes later spoke to someone who tried to look up my information via my email address, home phone, cell phone and was unsuccessful. I then asked for the phone number for the fraud dept which was provided to me; however, they are only open m-f til 6 pm. of course, it was exactly 6:01 pm when i finally got their number. About a year ago I did try to switch from Comcast to Verizon and was told that I had an outstanding bill for $300. I told them that this was impossible since I had never been a customer of verizon home phone, internet or cable. They hung up on me......and so tomorrow at 9:01 am, I will begin the call to the fraud dept. It seems a little fishy that I would recieve such an email with no identifying information; account #, etc.
Wish me luck and thank you to all who provided phone numbers.

Posted by Sharon on June 22, 2008, 5:32 pm

Verizon reported a 'charge off'(which I hear is very bad karma on your report) on my credit report and I PAID IN FULL the $900 bill they said I owed. I could not get out of it. I had the $(( plan and w/in 2 weeks I was up to 900 they said. it was a mess and went to collections. I was threatened and told it would go higher with legal fees etc. I PAID! I am now writing to the credit co and verizon to get it straight. Verison sucks!

Posted by Colleen on October 6, 2008, 3:49 pm

I, too, had this problem with fraudulent Verizon NY accounts showing on my credit report along with collection agencieslocated in Ohio (by Verizon) showing on my credit report. I was fortunately able to have everything deleted so I will share what I did and hopefully it will save someone else the sleepless nights.

1.I went on line a got my credit reports from the 3 credit reporting agencies which you can receive free. DO NOT PAY. I immediately put a fraud alert on with all three credit report angencies by telepone. Yes, I was able to locate the Experian phone number (not easy) 1800-493-1058, you state your credit report number ( from the free one) then repeatedly say "agent" to get to a live person, otherwise you will be stuck with automated directives that will get you nowhere.

2. I then phoned my local Verizon and asked for the number of their fraud department. I was told there are 2, 1 on the west coast and 1 on the East coast- since I live on the east coast ( BUT NOT NEW YORK where these accounts were) that VerizonFraud direct number is 1800-660-0505. Do not waste your time by calling any collection agency. I phoned Verizon told them the accounts were fraudulent- I don't even reside in New York. The directed me to send in an Identity theft police report, which was no problem in my small town (make sure the report states someone is opening "Verizon Accounts with your name and SS#". Verizon requsted utility bills for certain months, copy of my driver's license. Verizon will give you a CASE NUMBER. I faxed everything over- to the Verizon Fraud Center that fax is 866-449-3690. My SS# was not on any document faxed.

3. I then went to the OHIO Attorney General's website and filed a complaint against the debt collection agency located in Columbus, Ohio for negatively impacting my credit with fraudulent accounts. The AG page in Ohio was extremely efficient and surprisingly responsive. They sent them my complaint and recieved a response within days.

4. I then wrote each of the credit reporting agencies sending in my police report and documents noted above. The actual Experian address is PO Box 1017, Allen Texas 75013. Certified.Requestin an extended 7 year fraud alert and correcting all the personal info that was associated with the Verizon accounts.

I received a fraud verication letter by Verizon by regular post which I will hang on to for dear life. It took almost 2 weeks and all three of my reports are clean. All fraud accounts were deleted. ( I was able to check them because my free credit reports are accessible for 90 days), I also received letters in the mail. Something like 6-8 accounts, landlines, internet. It was a nightmare. If this helps anyone and can help you to not phone places that will not assist you and give you the runaround. I am willing to share what I have been through.

Posted by Debbie on October 16, 2008, 7:21 am

i want to check my credit

Posted by kayla on October 31, 2008, 1:40 pm

You can click here for a free, annual, credit report.

If you have already gotten your report this year, I could run one for you - but I assume other people can do it cheaper than I can. $30.

Posted by jondaley on October 31, 2008, 1:53 pm

To whom it may concern: 12/19/2008

Attention Customer Service/ Credit Department/ Management:

Please review the following letter of events as they developed. I am NOT DISPUTING the number of minutes I am paying for but the miscommunications and the ROAMING CHARGES.

I am a new client of Verizon. Chose to switch Sprint after many years of business due to ONE misunderstanding with them. I wish I did not…as I NEVER HAD SO MANY PROBLEMS WITH THEM NOR I WAS CHARGE EVER ROAMING CHARGES.

My phone number is 617 820 8592. My name is Viorica Giulia Gheorghiu, 584 Putnam Ave, Cambridge, Ma 02139, and I am using my phone for my business which takes me monthly to Canada.
First misunderstanding.
I got my cell on the Boylston Street Store. I specifically asked for A PHONE WHO WORKS OVERSEE as well as in Canada. I was explain that my phone will work oversees WHEN I WILL RETURN TO THE STORE TO GET A DEVICE TO ADD TO MY PHONE. I went in just before my trip to Europe which is really once a year. The sales lady told me THAT I WAS GIVEN THE WRONG DEVICE AND MY PHONE WILL NOT WORK. SHE ADVICE ME TO GET THE BOX BACK AND THE INVOICE AND I CAN EXCANGE IT…well it was too late to return with the BOX due to the fact that I was leaving THAT NIGHT.
IN THE PLANE, even thought I switch the phone off IT WENT RIGTH ON and on my return fair enough I had ROAMING CHARGES for about 90$+. I don’t remember the exact amount. I hope you will try this experience that seems bizarre at least but I could not switch my phone off while flying over the ocean????????

I called in and spoke with one of the Supervisors since the front staff could not resolve anything for me. I got ‘some credit back from my roaming minutes…I don’t believe was the exact amount even though I was promised full amount back...

Second misunderstanding.
I wanted my previous number from Spring 617 869 7118 to be transferred over to Verizon…again due some miscommunication between Sprint and Verison this was not possible and VERIZON CHARGED ME THE FIRST MONHT with both old number and new number. In the end the charges were taken off…I believe!?

Third Misunderstanding.
I switch my plan a few times each time thinking I understand the PLAN entirely and will be able to work in my favor as a business. WRONG. Last invoice I just got in was for about 700$+ which includes 450 ROAMING CHARGES. I just don’t get it. PLEASE REMEMBER that I do not claim how many minutes I am talking on the phone while in Canada. That is what my charges are OK…I just don’t get the ROAMING CHARGES. It does not make any sense to have your phone if I have to travel to Canada each month and be billed 450$+ more FOR ROAMING CHARGES.

EVERY INVOICE I get has ROAMING CHARGES!!!!!!!!! I can’t afford this phone anymore if every time I am billed I get so much roaming charges. Last invoice more then 450$...



This plan should be regardless of what plan I have with Verizon. Regardless of how much a minute I pay for talks in and out of Canada. I do not dispute those charges.

I will be waiting for your best advice and follow through. I have been sending the last pay except all the roaming charges. If I have to pay for it I will but I will be as quick out of your plans and business forever. I will like also to follow up with the story to a local newspaper. Customers should not be treated so poorly and overcharged for fees they are not aware of. It is simply wrong.


Viorica Giulia Gheorghiu

Posted by giulia on December 22, 2008, 1:56 pm

i was deployed to iraq in 2007 and had to cancell contract. i payed my last month payment and try to leave in good standings, but the cancellation charge was sent to the credit agencies. i just got back this summer to find that my score was dramtically lowered. ive been trying to resolve this through CBCS and verizon. ive sent my military orders stating the deployment dates and they want more. no one seems to understand. i just want this to be resolved.

Posted by joe on February 9, 2009, 11:24 pm
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