My mother-in-law complained that in the Lord of the Rings, they use blank stares to portray goodness. Apparently, this is not a new trend, as in this movie (made in 1977), Jesus (except for when he is angry) does not ever have an expression on his face. Sometimes when he is asked questions or spoken to, he will have his eyes closed, and open them slowly, look like he is about to keel over, and then speaks slowly. Maybe he just has a bad headache.
In the events, this movie is reasonably close to scripture, with a couple random sentences and things thrown in, for apparently no reason, I don't think too much to get worked up over though.
It is long - we are 5 hours into it, so hopefully there will be something to change my comments in the first paragraph, and nothing to change the comments in the second paragraph.
He did partially smile at a child once, but other than that, has a blank face a lot of the time.
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When Jonathan was laughing today, what should I see but another break in the gums where a tooth will soon appear! He has been drooling a lot, and he likes chewing on unopened ice pops, but I hadn't felt anything. Maybe that's because I avoid putting my fingers in his mouth now...
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Yesterday, while Jonathan was napping, I went downstairs to do some things. I didn't turn the monitor on, because I was only going to be gone "for a minute." Well, it ended up being a half hour, but I wasn't too concerned because his naps are usually at least 45 minutes, and I couldn't hear him crying. However, when I got back upstairs, there he was, sitting up in the middle of the bed, with pieces of tissue strewn all around him, a piece in each hand, and one dribbling from his mouth! I laughed so hard I was crying.
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The matching top tooth poked through today!
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I don't know the whole story (this article is the first I have heard of it), but if you can believe the media, I guess "they" will be coming to get Jonathan too, since he has picked up something off of the floor and put it in his mouth. Horrors. (More)
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Got a shot today, and he didn't cry this time, even smiled at the nurse afterwards. I unofficially weighed him. This is with clothes and diaper, but the diaper was not full. Hold your breaths... 26 lb 6 oz Yikes! I'm going to have to get the 24 mo clothes out.
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Jon went on the bike ride this weekend and said all he missed was two days and all these new things happen! Jonathan was in the crawling position, and he sat up! I was so excited. He did it very smoothly, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I wanted to clap and cheer, but it was during the sermon on Sunday, so I couldn't...
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He has his top right tooth now! Just finished breaking through on Saturday. He has bitten me a couple of times, but I yelled "ouch" and then firmly said "no biting." So hopefully he'll get the connection soon.
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The bike ride was tough, and my knees hurt a lot, but I made it the whole way.
I decided not to do the "century" ride, 100 miles in the first day, but just did 82 miles the first day, and 68 miles the second day.
I had friends that biked also, but mostly, some biked faster, and some biked slower, so I didn't get to spend too much time with anyone, although I did spend a little time with Paul Behrens, and some small conversations with "random" people as we biked along
The trip was well organized, plenty of food at the rest stops, and people at almost every intersection to direct traffic. (More)
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For a while he has been "almost there." Saturday, we went to William Kuhns' 4th birthday party, and the balloons were enticing! The moms there agreed that you could really call it crawling - the cross-pattern, moving forward. Definitely still unpolished and not very smooth or quick, but we decided that it's real! This is hands and knees crawling, known to the Institutes as creeping. He went straight to that, without the tummy crawl. It is fascinating to watch. It's just so amazing! And cute too. Sometimes when he's reaching for things, his opposite leg sticks straight out. No pictures yet, sorry. It always takes a while to capture a new thing. Some other pictures should be coming soon.
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Pittsburgh vehicle drivers need to learn the law. A guy swerved into me on my bike today. I honked at him, but he continued into my path. I yelled at him, and he stopped and got out of his car and made like he was going to do something. He then decided better of it (I guess I must have been bigger than he thought, ha...) then he continued to swear at me, and say I didn't belong on the road, etc. I told him I would get his license plate number, but of course the police don't do anything about near-misses. They have to wait until I am dead, then they will do something. The officer did say he understands and is sorry. Doesn't that make me feel better.
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Someday I will get this more organized, but I wanted to at least have one post in the programming category, so I will link to my "old" code page.
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Please pray for peace for all of us, that we will trust that God is in control and not worry about anything.
Pray for Lisa Pelligrini, the prosecutor. From my little observation of her, she seems to be an angry person, kind of like a school bully - there is probably some hurt she has experienced in her own life that drives her behavior.
Pray that truth will prevail.
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Jon says it's pretty much pointless to try to correct most of the wrong details that the media prints, but I did want to say that Isaac was born on November 21, 2002 and died on November 23, 2002. Only one channel/paper had that wrong last year, but now it's on all the stations and papers.
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I just got back from the courthouse. The judge upheld all charges. The prosecution added a fourth charge as well, that I didn't really understand -- It was a little hard to hear everything. There is an additional charge of endangering the welfare of a minor, I think having to do with actions before Isaac was born, and the first charge only has to do with actions after he was born. Judy's lawyer argued that the actions are one, her actions of the entire care of the baby, and I think the judge sort of agreed, and maybe said something about allowing it in, and then it would be dismissed, not quite sure about all that. At the end, he just said something like, "all charges stand."  (More)
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