There are various reasons why I don't think Obama's healthcare (or any federal healthcare program) is a good idea, but today happened across an Associated Press story that talks about how less and less members of his own party support his ideas, and that he is losing support across the board.

The title of the article is about health care protections, but doesn't include something I guess you could call a "protection" and that is about the cost of premiums.  I can offer someone a plan today that offers the same "protections" that Obama is assuring us we'll have - you can keep your health plan as long as you pay the premiums in full, and I'll even throw in his out-of-pocket maximums (note, every plan I've looked at in the last 12 months (approximately 100 different plans from 15 different providers) all included out-of-pocket maximums).  I'll admit, the troublesome part about the insurance I'll sell you today is that the premium is pretty steep... :)

A company down the road from us has a billboard that has various comments posted on it from time to time, some political, some not.  The current one (or at least the last time I noticed it) says, "How's that Obama thing working out for you?"


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6/18 - Talking at the dinner table about what something tasted like.  Mommy: "My tongue said [it was yummy]."  Jonathan:"My tongue said, too." Noah: "My tongue said, one!"

6/25 - Fire safety lesson.  We learned about Stop, Drop, and Roll.  What a fun thing to teach!  We've also been discussing what to do if there's a house fire and what to say if you have to call 911.  Jonathan knows Daddy's cell phone number and our street address.  He also can recall our home number if he gives it some thought, but Daddy's cell comes quickly to mind.

6/28 - Noah's third birthday!  Since it was on a Sunday, the church sang to him, which was more embarrassing to him than I would have guessed.  When Paul asked him how old he was, he said, "one."  But after some coaching throughout the day, he now says, "'ee!"  The Weavers came over for chips and salsa (Noah's requested birthday dinner) and cake and ice cream.  There was lots of crazy fun, including a rubber band fight, swinging, and a football game in the backyard.  After that, Noah had a couple of phone calls but was falling asleep while talking to Grandma and Dad-o, so he took a nap.  Jonathan woke him up for dinner but he was too sleepy to eat.  After that, he opened presents, which was quite fun and woke him up thoroughly.  Pictures will come sometime.  We measured Noah on the height chart (a birthday tradition here) and he is just over 40" tall, which is only an inch shorter than Jonathan was at four years.

6/28 - Sometime in the evening, when the boys were playing with the presents and Mommy was cleaning up, I noticed Faith sitting up on the corner of the coffee table.  After the suspects were questioned, it was determined that Faith had crawled up there herself with the help of a box the presents had been in.

6/29 - Jonathan and Noah were playing Star Wars.  Jonathan said, "I'm Obi Wan."  Noah said, "Me not Obi Wan, me Obi Three!"


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