Most of you who know me realize that I don't hardly pay any attention to news, and particularly since I started working from home, I can't even get my daily news reports from conversations in the common area.  So, I generally figure I don't know most of what is "going on" in the world, and I guess I adopt the old Star Island tradition of, "if the world blows up, I'll see it coming on the horizon", and not worrying about any of it.

Now that Peter has me setup on facebook rss feeds, I have the oppportunity to actually see all of the status, notes and links of my friends, where previously, I'd only see a couple of them, when I logged in once every week or two. (More)

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I guess we haven't written about Arizona yet, so that'll come later, but Heather posted the pictures today, but I hadn't gotten around to making the panoramic collection yet, so I just did that.  For those of you snappy readers/watchers, you'll probably want to check out the pictures again.  I'm not sure what the RSS feeds will do for the pictures - they might notice the new picture, I'm not sure.
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We skipped the four month appointment because we were in Switzerland, but six months came quickly enough.  At 27.5" long and 16.8lb, she is 50% in weight but 95% in height! Dr.Anderson wondered if we weighed her correctly, but he said when he saw her he had no concerns about her health.  I had thought she was tall, or at least had long arms, since all her long sleeved shirts come up to the middle of her forearms.  She's no skinny minny, though, so I too wonder if the weight is correct.

He was very happy with everything about her and we had a positive visit. She had her first shot which she has done very well with, praise God.  I am happy with our decision to wait a few months.  Let the immune system get bolder, let the thighs get fatter...  Much easier to take that way.

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2/10 or earlier - Faith can transfer an item from one hand to the other.

2/10 - Jonathan, studying a penny, "This coin says 1 - 9 - 9 - 9.  That's super long ago!"  (I knew my kids would think anything before 2000 was ancient history.)

Since coming home from our trip, Faith has developed stranger anxiety, much earlier than average (or at least than the boys did.)  This hasn't really bothered me (though it bothers the people at church who would like to hold her) since I know it won't be very long before she says, "Bye, Mommy! I going with my Noah!" (that's a Wightman joke)  However, I mention it because of the interesting interactions she has with the mirror.  The boys didn't get stranger anxiety until they had already figured out how a mirror works.  Faith would get quite a concerned look on her face when she saw Mommy "somewhere else" even though I was holding her. I think by now she has gotten the idea, though maybe not 100%

 2/17 - When grocery shopping, I bring Faith's carseat in and clip it into the place where a kid could sit.  This Tuesday afternoon, we were at a store that uses smaller carts and they are not too bottom-heavy.  While I was waiting to sign the pinpad at the checkout, Noah climbed up the side of the cart and brought the whole thing down. Several people saw the beginning of the fall, and I bruised myself clambering over to try to catch it (no success.)  Faith was of course screaming, and I rushed to take her out of the sideways seat and examine her.  Thankfully, she stopped crying a minute or so after I held her, so I knew she was not injured.  Noah said his leg hurt, but he was walking fine, so I knew it would only be a bruise.  Everybody was helpful and concerned, and we were quite shaken, but unhurt.  In addition to the guardian angels whom I am sure were present, Faith's carseat had protected her - it stayed attached to the cart, the handle was up and the sides were high enough to keep her face or head from hitting the floor.  Whew.  This was not the first shopping cart incident my children have been in, but I hope it will be the last.

Noah likes to point out when items match in color or shape.  He is getting there with identifying colors but still mixes up some.

2/20 - Faith looks down when she drops something.

2/21 - I think she is starting to wave at people when they say hi to her.  A man at a store was convinced she waved to him.  It was the first time I'd seen it, and she might have done it a few more times since then.

2/23 - We put new batteries in our Japanese alphabet book.  When it turns on it says (pardon my transcription) "... konichiwa......bohn-eh?"  Noah was playing with it and when it said "konichiwa" he replied, "hi" and after the question, he said, "uh-huh."

2/25 - Jonathan sings and hums many things throughout the day, ranging from super themes to old hymns to praise songs, and now we can add classical music to that list.  At breakfast yesterday, he was humming "Lieutenant Kije." Actually, now that I try to find it online, I don't think it's Lt. Kije.  But our music players are all on random, so it's hard to find what we've listened to.  I'll try to remember to update this when I find out.  My best resource is on her honeymoon at the moment. **Update 3/19/09 - I asked my sister and her guesses did not provide any correct answers.  I tried to search the mp3 player, but it's pretty hard.  I looked through our CD inserts with no sucess.  This afternoon, it finally came up again on our mp3 player!  I ran to check out the listing.  It was from my Greatest Hits - Trumpet CD.  Entrance of the Emperor and his Court from Háry János Suite by Zoltán Kodály.  And do you know what?  The track right before it on the CD is Kijé's Wedding.  God made our brains very intriguing. 

You can hear it starting from minute 1:36 on this youtube video.

2/26 - The difference between states and countries still eludes Jonathan.  He knows we can't spend Canadian dollars here, nor Swiss Francs.  However, today he told me that he couldn't spend his Idaho quarter until we visited Idaho.

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Some people have been talking about whether they think in blogging, as in: "this is so much fun, I should blog about it", or, "look how cute the kids are being, I should grab a camera so I can post it on flickr", etc.

I didn't particularly relate to that, but this morning I re-discovered a cipher book I liked as a kid, and thought it would be fun to go through some of it.  And then thought, I could write a script to do this for me, and then, maybe I should blog about that. hrm.... (More)

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We are missing a movie, and so went looking around the house for it (the boys had all the movies out the other day, lining them up to look at all of the covers (as well as taking all the Mancala marbles and throwing them around the house)) - see what happens when Mommy leaves for the morning??  In my defense, I hadn't realized they were Mancala pieces, I wouldn't have let them do it if I knew they were part of a set.

In the process of looking for things, we found a number of legos that had been missing a while, a couple things that had been missing for years, a cookie (not sure how old that is), and some various cancelled checks and a driver's license from the previous owner of this couch.

The license expired 1991.  Virginia Everard (who strangely enough, can be found in a couple references on the web, one of which being her mortgage, which will finish in 2027, complete with the total amount left, interest rate and monthly payment that she owed (when some bank bought or otherwise acquired her loan).  Kind of odd that is published information.

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Since I am a lazy Debian user, I am not used to compiling things from source.  (sidenote: It is interesting to me how many people from other distributions are fairly used to mucking around in source code, spending hours working on getting a simple package installed)  But, clusterssh isn't available for cygwin as a package, and I think it might save me a lot of time, so wanted to try it out anyway on my laptop (rather than running it over X on my desktop - our desktop automatically goes to sleep so it seems silly to turn it on to run a program from the laptop - though arguably I could turn the laptop off and go sit on the desktop, but I prefer sitting on the couch with the laptop.  The obvious answer is to install Linux on my laptop, which I'll probably get to at some point).  Okay, enough with the sidenotes (I think). (More)

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Cygwin is one of the packages that seems to often break when I upgrade it.  In their defense, it is a large collection of packages, so presumably hard to get everything right in all circumstances.  I run Debian (testing) on my Linux systems, and I rarely have any issues during upgrades.  I don't know if the Debian folks are just more paranoidstrict (probably) than most, so maybe that is why I can confidently upgrade things without expecting to have to jump into the newsgroups.

Today, I upgraded cygwin, since I was going to see if clusterssh exists for cygwin, and figured I might as well upgrade first. It turns out I must have upgraded relatively recently, since the setup.exe only needed to be upgraded one minor release. (More)

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The IRS hasn't published their calculator yet, and I have been reading about lots of people trying to figure out what to do with line 70 on their 1040 (ie. the famous RRC that is causing probably more time wasted than was worth the money that was sent out last year.

So, I wrote a calculator this morning.  I went through a bunch of cases, so I think I got all of them, but of course, who knows, with all of the tax tricks, etc. if my understanding of the credit is how it actually works.

And if the IRS ever gets around to actually publishing their calculator, it will presumably be better than mine.  Have fun.

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I routinely see articles about childbirth and the liability issues, etc. where medical decisions are made for legal reasons, and how it is hard for doctors to make the decisions they want to based on the fear of getting sued, but they aren't usually in more mainstream-type sources.

But, yesterday, someone forwarded me an article in consumer reports - which I guess I don't read CR enough to know why childbirth is one of their reports - I previously have only used them for thinking about appliance purchases.

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I figured I'd be getting some birthday money from someone, so I went ahead and spent it last week, by buying a handful of CDs from Sovereign Grace, which happens to be having a fairly big sale.  It will go for the rest of February, so you should probably check it out.  It seems to be becoming an annual event, so I'll need to remember that, though I don't know if I have bought anything from them recently.  (More)

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I also have been doing some work on our new house.  This morning we installed new downspouts on the west side of the house - (we previously had done some work on the east side).  They aren't the prettiest pipes in the world, but the take the water from the two corners and pipe it over down towards the street between our house and the neighbors.  At some point, I'll have to glue at least some of the joints, but for now, they are working nicely just loosely fit together.  (More)

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Heather and I spent several days over the last week at our old house, cleaning and fixing various things that our previous tenants broke.

It is pretty annoying to have people totally not care about your property, and live in pretty disgusting conditions, presumably to get back at me for asking them to leave.  They hadn't cleaned in a month or two, and it is hard to believe that they were actually eating food off the counters and table, etc. (More)

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We've gotten two calls in the last couple days from people claiming that we called them, and quite irate about it.  What they didn't realize is that you can't really trust the caller-id values displayed on your phone - they are trivially forgeable by anyone, and I think relatively hard to trace even for phone companies and police, etc. (More)

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It makes me think of Asher every time.


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