From Josh:

Ye bungling fool! How is it that ye durst insult the most sacred trinity of hydrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen (albeit that hydrogen was aforementioned in the trinity please note that this second hydrogen - while resembling the first in nature - is its own unique hydrogen and not to be confused with the first element of the trinity - that being hydrogen) by implying that a red, air-breathing, mammal would even for a miniscule milli-second be considered worthy of the river god's attention!?
Ye have made my following two weeks very difficult as I will be forced to perform some of the most complex, river god appeasing rituals known to us mushroom clerics (or MCs as we like to be called) - Namely the "Realmente lungamenta incantesimo stupido dell'acqua" as well as the death defying "furto del segno di nessun nuoto" and possibly others if the first two fail to work.

Oh and as for the steel plated goblins... I do not believe that such a thing exists... what an imagination!

Josh, M.C. ordained 2009, Mushroom cleric license number: 983422
Posted by Jon Daley on May 25, 2010, 10:34 am | Read 2159 times
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