2/9 - Jonathan: "What does special mean?" I say something about someone/thing that someone cares for. "How much do you care for me?" Well, I don't think I can really measure that. "Well, you may care for me abundantly."

2/12 - Noah is putting the dipthongs into his "hi" and "bye" (instead of "ha" and "bah")

Original joke by Jonathan: [Background is that pirates say "ahoy, matey" and Jonathan usually abbreviates it to " 'hoy matey"] "How did the pirate get his hook?" "Hoy made-it!"

3/2 - We happened to get two pictures in the mail, and Jonathan was holding them and looking at them. Then he piped up, "How do you get pictures to look like this?" Like what? This is a 21st century boy - he meant how do they get on paper.

Last night, Noah's diaper was dry all night long. Will he buck the genetic trend? That would be great!

We went to Virginia last weekend with all the Daleys. We stayed at a huge vacation house and had a fun time. There were plenty of toys and dress-up clothes. There was a pool table and lots of couches. We spent a couple of hours at the National Air and Space Museum in D.C.

While we were there, we got an email stating that one of the houses we are considering just lowered its asking price by $15k. I asked Jonathan what he would think about moving to that house and his reply was, "Let's buy this house!" Ha! All the Daleys put together couldn't afford that house.

Obviously, lots more stuff happened, but I didn't write it down. Pictures (including Jon's birthday party and the VA trip) will be up soon.

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"How do they get on paper?" Unbelievable.

I loved watching Jonathan ski. What a change from last year! There's something wrong with the second skiing video link, though.

"Running back and forth" reminded me of Jonathan and B running up and down the stairs at Christmastime.

The newly-organized craft area is great.

Posted by SursumCorda on March 5, 2008, 9:32 pm

I just heard of someone who bought some old TV show on DVD and his kids asked him why the people in the car stopped to call someone from a phone booth.

"Why didn't they use their cell phone?"

Posted by jondaley on March 6, 2008, 4:37 pm
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