We went down to the court house for the second part of the inquest today. However, the coroner's office forgot to subpeona the witnesses. Details....

Channel 4 knew that they wouldn't have a story unless they could get some new angle, so the lady tried to come to our house so that people could see where the baby was born, etc. and get the personal side of the story. But, we turned her down. Heather said it is enough to have our hearts open to everyone, without having our living room open too.

So, they rescheduled for next Tuesday. I mentioned to the district attorney that I felt the witnesses have been pretty biased. (he showed me the list of who is going to be subpeonaed for next week as well) He was very nice about it, and said that if I have anyone who I think should be subpeonaed, he would be willing to recommend to somebody, that they be subpeonaed as well. There are two obstetricians that we know of, but they both appear to be on vacation, so hopefully we can find them in time.

Prayer requests:
That joy and hope would return to us
That this would not go to trial
That we could find an obstetrician or two to testify

Posted by Jon Daley on March 5, 2003, 12:00 pm | Read 3337 times
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