It is a new month, and therefore, a new point on my email graph. A couple interesting things this month: one, you can tell I went on vacation, and probably also that I knew Heather was gone the week before, so I wasn't emailing her as much either. Two, spam has now hit the 30% mark (note: the "received mail" does not include spam). Three, the size of email is getting bigger. Even though I received less email this month than the last couple months, the mailbox hit 100 megs for the month.
Posted by Jon Daley on August 3, 2005, 10:24 am | Read 4697 times
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I got Chris to install PostGrey on snurgle.
Although my main email comes through Lime Daley, I have not cancelled my snurgle account, and thus I still get 800 spams a month on that account.
Postgrey is an implementation of greylisting for Postfix (a great mailserver).
Greylisting is a spam blocking mechanism that depends on spammers not implementing e-mail SMTP standards correctly.
Postgrey was installed yesterday morning on snurgle, and I have not received a single spam on that machine since. Presumably the spammers will get smarter, and greylisting won't work after some amount of time. But, for now, it works great.
As Peter Venable said last night, it is an arms race, both sides trying to keep up with the other.
(And I happen to have "inside" information that someone is working on an additional feature of greylisting to make it even more effective, and hopefully the spammers don't know that yet)
Posted by jondaley on August 4, 2005, 8:51 am

Second day of zero spam!
Any guesses on how long it takes spammers to implement a workaround?
Perhaps I should stop telling people about how great it is.
Posted by jondaley on August 5, 2005, 7:36 am

I cannot e-mail you for some reason it keeps coming back to me.... so here is what I tried to send. Jon, Hello and how are you doing today? I hope that all is well and the family is doing great. I tried to e-mail you back after I had received your first e-mail, yet it come back to me, so I will try again. My blogg is the side of me that no one ever gets to see, I have let others in this cave before and instead of trying to build a fire so that I might get warm, they just filled the cave with a bunch of smoke that did neither one of us any good. I do not think of you as a torment er nor do I expect you or anyone else to understand or know where I am at in life. I just appreciate that you have not called me a freak or told me I should leave ministry and check myself into a hospital. There is more to the life of a minister than people understand and sad to say, but more than what they even care to understand. There is more to my life than the hurt from church people, there is family and then even them that I considered (friend) and then I have had to deal with some very bad health the last 3 years. It was not until the last 6 months that I finally have gotten some relief from my health issue and the last 3 months that I finally broke down and dealt with some very very deep, old, wounds in my life. Anyway Jon, I have bored you enough... Thank you for your kind words and I assume prayers or maybe we should say... "thoughts" Take care of you lovely family! Patmos
Posted by Patmos on August 9, 2005, 8:08 am

It has been a month already - and therefore there is an updated graph for emails received.
The spam filters have been working amazingly well, I didn't get a single spam on the two machines that are using postgrey. The alumni server does not use postgrey, and that is the biggest source of spam, and then a handful of harvested email addresses from newsgroups, etc.
Posted by jondaley on September 1, 2005, 12:09 am
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