Italics are what I (Jon) said during the dictation, though I missed a lot, and didn't type in some of Jonathan's repeated sentences.

Daddy went downstairs with me, and I went downstairs with me too.  We didn't get three scrambled eggs, we got four.  (We had a discussion about how many eggs - Jonathan thought three would be appropriate, but I suggested eight, so he upped his estimate to four). Then we forgot the cheese.  And then, they were raw.  Then we got the frying pan, then we got the cheese, then we got the pepper, three kinds - parsley, pepper, and I don't know. I think we had garlic and oregano also.  We got to [crack] four eggs.  Not these three (holding up three or four fingers).  I smashed the yolks and then they were all smashed and all smashed.   All smashed and I whisked them and whisked them.  (waving hand) all around... all around.  Heather: Did you have to pick any shells out?  No, we didn't have to.  Daddy did it.  Jonathan cracked the eggs and I put them in the bowl.  Then I whisked them, and then Daddy whisked them, and then it was my turn.

I poked the bag (the green peppers were in a tied bag in the fridge), and I got the [green pepper] out and cut them.  Yeah, that was the part.  And the other green pepper, we poured in. ?? I think the other pepper we put back in the fridge. No, the big green pepper we put in the bag. Right - we cut the pepper in half and put half in a ziploc bag back in the fridge. And then we cut the other half, we didn't put the other half in the fridge. We cut the green pepper - then what did we do? That's when we put all the spices in. The spices? what's 'all the spices?' Two spices.

I think Jonathan is tired of dictating, so I will try to fill in some details.  Since the last time we made eggs together went so well, I thought I would let him do some more by himself.  So, I just sat there mostly, on the other side of the counter, and tried to do direct him, but instead ask questions, e.g. instead of saying, "Get the frying pan", I said, "What should we cook the eggs in?"

I think the only things I helped him with were cutting the green pepper in half, and then cutting the half into smaller pieces - he cut it into about 4 or 5 pieces, and it was a large pepper, so the pieces were quite large.  He had one piece raw and thought it wasn't any good - which I think he has liked them before.  He likes cracking eggs, but not get the egg out of the shell, so he cracked each egg, and then handed it to me - to avoid getting eggs on his fingers.  He had some trouble picking a good utensil to stir the eggs in the frying pan, and the eggs were starting to get overdone, so I had to make him choose one particular spatula.  And then he wanted to pat the eggs with the spatula, rather than scrape and flip them, so I did that as well.  When I asked what we should put the eggs in to whisk them, he said, "a white bowl", and then when he opened the cupboard, saw an orange bowl first and proclaimed, "this is for popcorn", and continued his search for a white bowl. (the orange white bowls are about the same size)

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I forgot to say that when Jonathan was putting the spices in, he had some trouble unscrewing the cap and so switched hands to put his right hand on the cap, and I thought, aha - maybe he is going to be right-handed, and then he used his left hand to unscrew the bottle, while holding the cap steady with his right.

He did tighten the caps on with his right hand.
Posted by jondaley on April 30, 2006, 7:44 am

I love that Jonathan told much of the story himself. Thanks for posting it.
Posted by SursumCorda on April 30, 2006, 3:07 pm
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