Our DSL went down and Jon called me and did a three way with Speakeasy to see what was going on. After trying a couple of things that did not work, Jon mentioned that it was raining, but not lightning. I went to the window to check things out, and I saw a Verizon guy up at the telephone pole.
We hung up with Speakeasy and I went down to talk to the Verizon guy. I said, "you disconnected our DSL" and he said, "yes, this is very strange, I'm here to install a new DSL line for you, but I see that you already have one." Yes, we already had a Verizon guy come in last week. He double checked my name and address, and showed me his order pad with the work number. He called up Covad and gave them the number and the lady said, "oh, that order has been cancelled." He replied, "thanks for letting me know..."

He told me that he gets miscommunications like that all the time, and it's really no fun to stand out in the rain to do a job that has been cancelled.
Posted by Heather Daley on November 19, 2004, 11:30 am | Read 3000 times
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