I'm very much behind on the blog.  But I have kept the pocket notes safely typed up in my email.  So here goes.

In June, the kids and I made a trip to Florida to visit my parents, and my sister and her kids visited, too.

6/14 - Joy, "Mommy! I saw a dinosaur!"  (It was a lizard in Grandma and Dad-o's yard.)

6/15 - Joy, "Jesus die, then froze again!"

6/17 - JPD lower right lateral incisor

June - JPD give kisses

During the Florida visit, I confirmed that I am pregnant!  Due on Joy's birthday.

6/30 - Faith's first lost tooth (not counting pulled) - lower left incisor

7/1 - Tooth fairy delegated to Noah since Mom can't remember.

7/1 - Joy doing jumping jacks, counthing out loud, "One, sir! Two, sir! Three, sir!..."  up to ten.

7/10 - Joy, "Look!  The moon!  A map on it!"

7/14 - JPD chasing and pinching ants in the kitchen

7/18 - Jonathan, thinking there should be three levels of flavor to the lime tortilla chips, "I wish there was 'hint of lime', 'splash of lime', and 'wicked lot of lime'."

7/18 - JPD lower right molar

7/20 - Joy pronounced popcorn, "poc-torn"

~7/27 - F named Patient the seagull

7/29 - JPD jump off ground wtih both feet

JPD button locks/handles - dishwasher, washer, piano.  Ah, this note means, the child safety people mean well, but can't get around my son.  All three electronic gagets mentioned above have button locks.  But they can also be overrided by something other than holding the lock button for 3/5/10seconds.  Jeremiah can just open the dishwasher, which stops the cycle.  He can turn the manual knobs on the clothes washer.  And he can turn the power button off on the piano, then turn it on again, which resets the lock for the other buttons.

8/14 - JPD hold my hand and bow head, and say something quietly at breakfast.  He has been the youngest to be interested in prayers at the table.

8/14 - night weaning day 1

8/18 - JPD jump off coffee table to floor

8/28 - JPD say "I love you" - copied Joy but it was a very good copy

9/3 - JPD climb up onto our bed all by himself

9/4 - Joy, "I have two ten-raisins and one seven-raisins."

9/4 - JPD walk balance beam of ~6" by self

9/6 - F lost lower right incisor.  Got $1 for it being a birthday tooth.

9/14 - Jon felt the baby!  (I've been feeling it a lot for the last couple of weeks.)

9/25 - Joy's foot fell asleep.  She stomped on the floor, saying, "It feels weird, like sprinkles."

10/2 - Faith, about something I no longer remember, "I would have been able to do that way faster if I was

10/3 - Noah taught Faith the twos times tables.  She is now fluent in 2's to 2x10.  They were both so proud of it and so am I!  Noah was supposed to be doing 2's for his own math.  I let him do TuxMath - the asteroids falling on igloos - instead of a "boring paper worksheet". This way, he practiced many more than if he had been forced to do the worksheet, and he had more fun.  At some point Faith came up to watch, and he let her answer whatever ones she knew.  Then, eventually, she knew all of them! ("Eventually" meaning, within an hour or so...) I am definitely in favor of computer games for some things!

10/5 - Joy, singing, "A, B, C, D, E, F, G.  K, LMNOP.  Now I know my ABCs, next time won't you sing with me?"

10/6 - Faith and Joy felt the baby.

10/21 - F, Joy brownies - 1c oil, 1c water, timer same as oven (3:50).  This was Faith and Joy making brownies all by themselves.  Faith only looked at the picture of the measurements and not the words.  Then set the timer for three hours and fifty minutes since the oven was supposed to be 350degrees.  I caught the time soon enough, but the liquid proportions made it rather unpleasant to eat.

10/22 - JPD peel hard boiled egg by self

10/22 - JPD "hot dog" (ha dah)

10/26 - JDD goes to 1st service alone voluntarily

10/26 - JPD "bubble"

10/26 - Noah, arriving trimphantly from the garage, "If you had a chart for how many times duct tape saved the day - check off another mark!"

10/27 - N buy candy at the grocery store all by himself.  He didn't think it was any big deal at all.

10/27 - JDD clean up while we were gone

10/28 - JPD "cheese", "wallet", "water" (wa)

End of October - JPD motions for twinkle, "how I..."

11/2 - Noah, looking at ingredients on halloween candy, "Hmm, 'artificial flavor'.  Usually it's no flavor or
'natural flavor'."

11/5 - JPD did a somersault all by himself

11/6 - Joy, "But *I* want the lightsaber so I can hit people."
Mom, "Well, it's not good to hit people anyway."
Joy, "Not *real* people, BAD GUYS!"

11/8 - JPD, "mew-me" (excuse me)

11/17 - I asked JPD to get a screwdriver.  He went straight away and got a Phillip's head.  I thanked him and then had to clarify that I needed a flat head screwdriver.  He wasn't so sure about that, but he diligently went back to the tool rack and brought back a nail set.  I had to tell him again that it wasn't right, and asked if he knew what I meant by the changeable type of screwdriver.  He worked a little bit at the tool rack and came back with the right thing!

11/17 - JPD "help" sounds kinda like "hope" - asking for help putting on a necklace

11/20 - JDD wasn't going to record that he read The Hobbit beacuse it was the 4th time.  I said for a book like that, he could record it as many times as he reads it!

11/29 - Joy, "My name is 'artichoke' and Jeremiah's name is ..." [pause, thinking]
Me, "'Pomegranate'?"
Joy, "No, that's too hard for me to say.  His name is 'cheese'."

11/29 - Joy knows "you look like a monkey and you smell like one too."

12/4 - Joy, "When are we going to move to a different house?  Like Florida. Because I like Grandma and Dad-o."

12/9 - Kids come running in the front door.  I look out and see the chief's car.

Mom: Did you guys ride in the chief's car?!

JDD: Yeah, Dad had to go to the hospital and we were running up the street in the rain and the chief came and drove us home.

Mom: Well, that's pretty cool!

JDD: His car smells weird.

Noah: His car smells new, Jonathan!

12/10 - JPD looking at the Maggie P family picture in Grandma and Dad-o's Christmas letter.

Mommy, "Where's Grandma?"  He points, "A deh" (right there).  He was correct!

12/12 - Joy can sing the whole ABC song.

12/16 - JPD can take off all his clothes.  At Joy's doctor visit last week, the doctor was impressed that she
could do that, and he's two years younger.

12/22 - And today's Grand Finale.  I'm in the middle of typing this up, and Jeremiah comes up, "Purple, purple, purple" in a sad kind of voice.  His mouth, hands, and forearms are covered in some kind of black or blue dye.  He had tried to wash it off, but only succeeded in smearing it all over himself.  It turns out he had gotten into my cake decorating stuff, and opened the brand new jar of black icing gel.  Brand new - that means he managed to take off the foil seal.  And grownups know how hard that can be!  And black.  But it's all cleaned up now, except for the inevitable stains on his face and hands (and Mommy's hands, too).

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Jesus died and froze again? I didn't know He was from New Hampshire.

Posted by Linda Wightman on December 22, 2014, 4:18 pm

I posted Jonathan's flavor idea to the Tostitos facebook page.

Posted by Jon Daley on December 22, 2014, 5:03 pm
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