On Sunday we were singing "Forever God is Faithful, Forever God is strong, Forever God is with us, Forever." This is "Samuel's Song" for me - the song that rang through my head all day long when Sam K. was born. It reminded me of all the prayer that went up for his birth, and God's faithfulness in answering it.
Then I had a thought. Just because Jonathan's birth was so beautiful and healthy does not guarantee that for successive births. We still need prayer coverage for this new baby! I know we had so many people praying for Jonathan's birth. It would be wonderful if everyone prayed again for this birth. Please don't forget us in your prayers. God is still faithful, and he likes to work through the prayers of his people. Thank you!
Posted by Heather Daley on May 10, 2006, 11:44 am | Read 1678 times
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Count me in! Of course you know I've been praying for this baby and his/her birth for a long time now....
Posted by SursumCorda on May 10, 2006, 12:24 pm
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