Copied from the Friends of Judy e-list:

We are planning to start gathering at the courthouse at 9 a.m. Please allow extra
time for rush hour traffic in Pittsburgh.

The gathering at the courthouse will be a quiet showing of support. Judy has
requested that we be very respectful in our approach and stay away from negative
attacks on those who are prosecuting her. Please feel free to carry signs of
support for Judy or for protecting the rights of couples to choose where and with
whom they give birth in Pennsylvania. Children may enjoy carrying or wearing signs
that say "Born at Home" or "Helped out by Judy Wilson" or things of that nature.

Also be informed that we are expecting a number of Amish families from local
communities and we ask that you also respect their traditions and desire for a
peaceful demonstration. Please do not take pictures of them or ask them to pose.
They are attending this vigil for the same reason we are - to support Judy and
homebirth midwives in PA.

Please invite anyone you think might be interested in this cause and we encourage
parents to bring their children -- after all, they are really what this is all
about. Also invite midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, etc. in Pennsylvania
and beyond. We need to rally together for this cause.

A victory rally will be held at a later date for those who are interested in
meeting and eating with Judy. ; )

Thank you all so much for your support!!

Friends of Judy
Pennsylvanians for Birth Options

The address is:
Pittsburgh Magistrates Court
660 First Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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