1/23 - Faith's matching lower tooth came in.

It looks like she's teething again, maybe some top teeth on their way.  She, like Noah my other early teether, is interested in solid foods already.  Jonathan bought her (with his own money) some little cereal pieces, the kind that dissolve quickly.  We give them to her half a piece at a time and she likes to play around with them in her mouth.  Tonight she actually fed herself two of the pieces, grabbing them in her left fist.

Noah's speech is coming along quickly, praise God!  He very often puts several words together.  1/26 - We were telling bedtime stories.  Jonathan and I alternated sentences with some story about a mouse family living in a people family house, and the interactions between them.  Then Noah wanted to tell a story, and he said, "One time mou(se) bad dead."

2/5 - We were looking at the church directory.  Noah pointed at the picture of the Kuhns family and said, "Nune!"

We told our little Robin Hood that he is not quite old enough to use a real bow and arrows.  So he uses a plastic coat hanger and some wooden dowels (unsharpened, no feathers).  He has become quite proficient at shooting them and can send them across the house.  We went outside today and he shot his arrow at least 30 feet, maybe 40.  After all this practice, maybe he can get a real bow sooner than we thought.

On the EC front, Faith and I have one part figured out.  When I set her on the little potty and make the sound, she'll go.  Even if her bladder is not so full, she will try.  Now we just have to figure out the part where she tells me when she needs to go.  But I am very encouraged about this progress, since we have been so laid back about it.

Noah is basically at the same stage as Faith, that is, he will go when sitting on the toilet.  He gets a goldfish cracker for success, but doesn't tell us very often when he needs to go.

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What great news to come home too!

I wonder if Noah is remembering the mouse you had recently? I can't remember exactly what happened with that.

I'm very impressed with the EC!

30 or 40 feet? Not only is that some archer, that's some coat hanger. Good for him.

Posted by SursumCorda on February 8, 2009, 9:07 pm

Yes, Noah was quite intrigued with the mouse traps. He loved clapping his hands together and saying, "(s)nap!" But we did not show either of the boys the two mice we caught.

BTW, Faith doesn't like to sit on the potty when she's sick. So we're taking a break for now.

Maybe we can get a video of the archery, though I'm not sure how it will turn out.

Posted by joyful on February 9, 2009, 8:41 am
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