I had just told my friend yesterday that I was getting discouraged about signing because Jonathan was not doing any except for an isolated sign here and there.

Then today, he distinctly signed for "milk" several times! The first time, he was cranky and I asked him what he needed. I said, "do you want milk, or a diaper change?" I neglected to sign either of those. He responded by signing "milk" and eagerly nursed when I gave it to him. Hooray!
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This afternoon, Jonathan walked around the dining room table, and when he got back to where I was, I said, "Hello!" He immediately said, "hebbwo!"
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In a recent post, I mentioned that our bed is a little too high for Jonathan to comfortably get off by himself. So today, I took the bed off the frame (and took the legs off the headboard, which was quite the job by myself, I should have waited for Jon to come home, but it's already done.)

Jonathan then practiced several times. He still requires much encouragement, and he gets nervous when he starts to slide. He is then pleasantly surprised when his feet hit the ground before he loses his grip on the covers.
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On Monday, which is my vacuuming day, I did two floors while Jonathan took a nap. Then for the other two floors, he was awake, but he was content to be out of the backpack - which is a great help to my energy!

As always, I warned him when I was going to turn it on. Usually, he would run away when it came on, and then come back when it looked safe (ie, Mommy had not gotten eaten.) He would alternately follow closely and run away.

But I consider this a great step forward because he is getting heavy!
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Our paperwhites from last year are starting to show little green tips!

Our hot pepper plants are starting to flower again. I wonder if there will be any fruit, since the plants are now indoors for the winter.
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People at work have finally gotten sick of the lack of support from our IT department. Their FTP site was not operable the other day, and a sales guy needed to get some files for a meeting, so R&D purchased its own FTP site so we would be able to manage it, rather than depend on IT to get it working again. We just purchased it for a month, so then we could evaluate it after the month is over. The month has now run out, and so R&D decided to instead pay for my internet connection, and then I can run the server for them. Pretty nifty.
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I went to a dermatologist this morning to have a mole removed and a small skin lump checked out. My referring doctor said this dermatology practice is the best in Pittsburgh. However, I really am getting more and more disillusioned with medical practice as we know it. (More)
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I just noticed on SpamCop that since August I have received 1.5 bytes/second of spam. And I get significantly less spam than most people I know. What a waste of time.
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I have been evaluating different version control programs for my company for the last month or two. My current evaluation is that all of them are broken, although I hope to discover a good solution someday soon. (More)
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There is a spot of wall on the landing of our basement stairs that has been getting soggier as the summer progresses. We've had lots of rain, and every time it rained hard enough, the spot would be damp. I finally called someone who advertised in the Pennysaver and he came this afternoon. (More)
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Jonathan likes to watch me "take the diapers out of the washer and put them into the dryer." This evening, he closed the dryer door before I had finished transferring the diapers. So I asked him to please open the door, and he did! Then, when I had finished, I said, "ok, now it is time to close the door. Will you please close the door?" And he did!
One educational opportunity missed if we had a diaper service. (:
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Jonathan and I now have this fun game where we sit on the bed and fall back. He will do this by himself now, and he thinks it's very funny. Also, the other day, he did several practice trials of getting off the bed feet first. It's still a little high for him to comfortably get all the way on his own, so we're going to take the bed off the frame soon. He likes to walk on the uneven and unsteady surface of the bed, and he is quite aware and careful of the edge now.
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At some point in the middle of the night, Jonathan, in a sing-song quiet voice, said, "Hi-eye, oh, bdoy" It was cute.
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That's Jonathan's favorite phrase nowadays. He says it while walking, while looking at lights, and at other random times. Somtimes it's "ooh yeah" sometimes "ho yeah" but it sure sounds like any teenager to me. (:
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Jack Ganssle is a conference speaker and has a monthly newsletter that I have been subscribed to for a couple years. He wrote an article called, A Boss's Guide to Software Process Improvement that I found myself agreeing with the majority of it.
Posted by Jon Daley on October 6, 2004, 1:52 pm | Read 5221 times | Comments (0)
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