Just before 7:00 this morning, I thought I heard some sounds, so looked out the window to see a pickup truck but no backhoe.  The backhoe arrived just after 7 and Jonathan watched out the window while I got ready for the day.  Daddy said we could go out to look before breakfast since we didn't know how long they'd be there. (More)

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The hearing to argue pre-trial motions in Judy's case has been continued to October 9, 2007.  Judy's Expert Witnesses will present written argument to the judge at that time and he will decide whether to dismiss the case or go to trial.
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Not to be outdone by his brother, Jonathan has some interesting things for a blog post today, too. (More)

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Well, Grammy, he didn't wait for you.  For your sake, I'm sorry, but it's really hard to be sad about such a fun milestone! (More)

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5/18 - Noah sucessfully put back one of his big knob puzzle pieces. (More)

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5/7 - Noah was sitting on the kitchen floor, trying to plug the breadmaker into his bellybutton. (More)

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5/7 - "Mommy, we don't see people with spears too much."  Cell phones, yes, spears, no. (More)

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I am up late working on some code, and all of a sudden there is a really loud noise, and I look out my window and watch a car turn kind of sideways and roll over.  As far as I can tell there wasn't a second car involved, but I don't know what could have happened to make him flip over like that.  I called 911, and as I was talking to the guy I saw the driver slowly climb out the vehicle, and then sort of look in the car like he might be looking for a passenger, and then kind of crouched over and ran off.

I went out to see if there was a passenger, but there wasn't.  One of his tires is in the middle of the road, so maybe it fell off and that caused it to flip??  The firemen are here now and are trying to figure out the best way to turn off the car.  Hmmm... I guess bashing in the windows must have been fun, now they are in.  There were tons of people who saw it for some reason - ie. what are people doing walking around at midnight.

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noah eats a blue crayon (More)

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While cooking our breakfast on Saturday, I saw that Heather had put the potatoes on the counter, meaning that we should eat them soon, and not forget about them in their normal storage place.  I asked Jonathan how we should cook the potatoes for dinner, and he said that we should make "Chinese salad". (More)

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Noah has been so much fun recently.  I know I've said that before, but now he's initiating the fun, which is a new development.  He likes to dance, to bounce, to jump (with my help.)  He continues to like peek-a-boo, he loves to play the dropping game.  He even played it with himself the other day!  He had a magazine on the couch, threw it to the ground, giggled, picked it up and placed it back on the couch, more giggles, repeat! (More)

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