We signed up for a new phone number for dealing with rental stuff, and bought the numbers to go on the sign today.  Three hours later, we got our first call.  Crazy.  I haven't gotten around to getting it on Craig's List yet or anything. (More)

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On a Wednesday, two days past my due date, the midwives scheduled me for post-dates testing at the hospital the next week. At first these only consist of a non-stress test (monitoring to be sure the baby's heart rate increases when he moves) and an ultrasound to confirm adequate amniotic fluid levels. However, that is a big "only" to me and I did not want to have to go in to the hospital to do that.  (More)

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Pictures have been uploaded.  The birth story is being proofread; will post soon.
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Our family had been emailing around about the wind and rain from a recent storm, the power outages, and water in our basement, and a couple questions came up, and I thought I would post them here, that perhaps other people are interested in the goings on at our new house. (More)

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Our first daughter was born this evening at 6:35, weighing in at 9 pounds, 3 ounces and 20 and 3/4 inches long.  She doesn't currently have a name that we know of yet, but those of you who have been around at the boys' births probably won't be too surprised at that.  So, I guess for now, I'll put this post in the "pregnancy" category, and it can get added to a new category later.

Heather is doing well, and I'll let her write up the more detailed version of her labor - she did time it quite well, we arrived at the birth center at 5:30, and left at 10:30, after the four hour post-birth required stay.

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Lots of fun.  Maybe some day.

200 square foot house.  (seems to require Internet Explorer)

$5000 tree house, with cable TV...

The Moore's house.

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I was just served with a subpeona to appear for Judy's trial on September 22nd, with a preparation meeting on September 8th.  Probably not what Heather wants to be thinking about with our baby due any day now.

I told the detective that with our baby coming, we might not be able to make it, and he said to call the prosecutor, but she is "out of the office" until Monday, so I assume she won't get the message in time.  Oh well, I guess that is what they get for not notifying us sooner.

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Had a midwife appointment today.  All stats are good, baby seems to be about 8 1/2 lbs (tall and skinny, the midwife thinks.)  (S)he is a bit turned posterior at the moment, but I am not too concerned because it's not very much, and as long as Mommy gets to be in whatever position she feels like for labor, babies are good at turning.  (Posterior means baby facing Mom's front instead of Mom's back - I was posterior and my mom had to push for four hours - but she was on her back the whole time.)

They had to schedule "post-dates testing" for next week, but we're all praying the baby comes sooner than that and we won't have to do it.  My body is preparing, but no real labor yet.  I declined an internal exam because I feel it's better not to know.  My body and my baby will do the right thing when the time is right.  We'll see about playing a game this evening.  (We played Settlers a little too late the night before Jonathan was born.)

This is the allergy season that is worst for me, and I've had a few sneezes that might have helped the baby along a bit. (:  (I put some loratadine in the birth bag in case it's distracting me from labor too much.)

Random strangers continue to insist that the baby is a boy.  Mom thinks she should have asked the Rite Aid cashier the date, too.

Ok, let's find a nice labor-inducing game to play.

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