This is going to be woefully brief.  The bike trip was adventure after adventure, lots of fun, but lots of work.  Among the things you'd normally expect on a bike trip, it included four tire blowouts on the triple-tandem, a torrential downpour, a tent with no stakes, Jonathan riding on someone's back carrier platform for seven miles (and two others each wheeling an extra bike those same extra miles), lost-off-the-top-of-the-car gloves and found again, new tires but now the brakes broke, little or no cell reception, a young man left behind, a purse left in a restaurant.  More details?  Maybe never, because... (More)

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Cycles did not return after the miscarriage, and that along with other symptoms leads me to conclude that I am pregnant again.  The due date I am calling March 1. (I don't really think I can count the miscarriage as LMP and I have reason to believe that ovulation was a week later anyway.)

I have mixed feelings about this, I think mostly because of the miscarriage.  I am now further along than I was at the miscarriage and I know that God is in control.  I guess I hesitate to get too excited.  Also, I get exhausted quickly by this little one - maybe it's that I'm just too tired to get excited yet.  The boys and Faith (yes, I think she does understand to some degree) are very happy.  (Jonathan's first words at my announcement were, "I hope this one doesn't die." Me, too, dear heart.)

Jonathan is hoping for a sister, and Noah a brother.  Then Jonathan acknowledges that a brother would be nice, too.  For Faith, any baby is great!

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6/28 - Noah's fourth birthday!  New nephew born!  Faith says, "yoo" (balloon)

Some more Faith words: "adj-yih" = chocolate; "nah-nih" = napkin; "ow-dih" = towel; "yeh" = leg

7/2 - Jonathan, "Know what I want to be when I grow up, Mom?"  "What?" "An inventor.  Actually, I already am an inventor, I just don't have all the right parts."

7/2 -Jonathan, "When Magic Shell ges on a bowl it's stuck like a barnacle."

Two weekends ago when we went camping and sailing, we also got to go on a friend's 25-ft sailboat.  It has a cabin and a motor.  The wind was lovely that day, but I learned that Noah is our Roger.  "When can we use the motor?  Let's use the motor!  Can we use the motor yet?"

7/4 - Faith, flipping through Go, Dog, Go! : "Ay ha?  No!"  That is, "Like hat?  No!"  She repeated this for every page.

7/6 - Faith opened the public bathroom door with her paper towel.

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