Well, I guess I spoke too soon last week. Search and arrest warrants were filed today for Judy. Apparently, they took her files and computers and stuff, and expect her to turn herself in tomorrow.

Her lawyer has asked for a $10,000 deposit (I forget what the lawyer word for that is), so I assume she will have a hard time coming up with that, or at least definitely will have trouble coming up with money later. (I know what she makes... or at least what she charges per birth)

The charges are Involuntary Manslaughter, Endangering the welfare of a minor and unauthorized practice of midwifery.

It is interesting that they are now saying "unauthorized practice of midwifery", because it was stated quite clearly during the inquest, that that was not the issue, that the DA and coroner's office understood that PA law did not make any mention of non-nurse midwives, so wouldn't be going in that direction.

Maybe they just bring up a bunch of charges, and hope that one will stick??

Prayer requests:
  For Judy, particularly if she spends time in jail tomorrow, I haven't heard about bail.
  For the lawyers and judges involved, for correct discernment of the laws and the truth.
  For our family

Posted by Jon Daley on April 21, 2004, 4:45 pm | Read 4641 times
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