Hi all. Thanks for continuing to pray for us, and for letting us know that you haven't forgotten all this stuff.

Unfortunately, I am still adding to this web page in 2004, who would have thought?

I don't think I have written previously that the case has switched attorneys, sometime towards the end of last year. I have heard through the proverbial grapevine that she had found the FoJ web page and had some questions regarding some of the statements on it.

Apparently Steve backed up his own quotes, but wouldn't speak as to the accuracy of the rest, which makes sense to me.

But, anyway, it means that the DA's office is still thinking about things. It is crazy to think that stuff can be going on this long, and they are actively working on it. As my mother would say, "Your tax dollars at work".

Prayer requests:
That we wouldn't think about this stuff, for the most part, that we can't do anything about it anyway, and so just wait, instead of worrying.
For our five(!) month old baby (Jonathan) and our care of him.

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