Jonathan got this toy for Christmas. He and the other kids who come over like it a lot. This review will have positives, negatives, and funnies.
As a toy, it's fun for kids; as an educational toy, it's not really any good. The box claims all sorts of things, but here are my complaints:

The "chase": The turtle says, "catch me if you can!" and begins moving very slowly. Supposedly, this part is for babies just learning to crawl. But the only way the turtle acknowledges that you have caught it is if you press one of the shape buttons! A baby just learning to crawl will be unlikely to manage to press the button. Jonathan can pick it up by its legs and carry it around and it will still not say "yay! you caught me!"

The shape game: The turtle says, "find the red square." Two problems: One, the shapes are highly rounded, so they don't teach the true shapes. The purple "star" is more like a flower. Two, when they light up, they don't light the whole shape, so the lit part is often a completely different shape than it is supposed to be. The part of the circle that lights is a square!

Parent plus: it has an off switch!

Now for the funny part - Jonathan has learned something from it! On the chase setting, the turtle will play its little song and then pause, then say, "let's play!" and play another song. After another pause it will play a three-second ditty (which is different from the other songs), say, "bye-bye!" and turn itself off. Now when Jonathan hears the little ditty, he will wave at it and say "bye-bye" before it does!
Posted by Heather Daley on January 13, 2005, 6:29 pm | Read 14813 times
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