When I arrived at the hospital, they told me that what they said the night before was not true. (of course they didn't admit that, rather just a "clarification" of what they had said) When they said he had low brain activity and possibly the phenobarbitol was attentuating the activity, what they meant was, he had no brain activity and the small of amount of phenobarbitol wouldn't really have affected it all that much.

It was somewhat devastating. Ok, not somewhat. A couple people called this morning and asked if they should come in, and I had told them it was ok, they could stay were they were for a while. So, I ended up by myself at the hospital. I didn't really know what to do, so I went outside for a walk. I wanted to tell Heather, but not over the phone. (Heather was still home due to the expected soreness, etc) I walked to Bellefield Presbyterian, where I had attended for a bit while in college. I got to talk to B.J. Woodworth, and he was able to make some phone calls for me (because I was basically unable to form complete sentences). I called home and unfortunately scared them into thinking that he had died, because I said it was bad, but wasn't really able to get the rest out. BJ drove me home, and I was able to be with Heather and tell her about stuff for a while. Then he drove me back to the hospital.

Mike Pierson, my pastor, was there, and Rob Moore, who hadn't heard the latest news, was also there, and they stayed until I left the hospital late tonight.

Heather was able(!) to make it to the hospital today, we had expected that she wouldn't be able to get there until tomorrow. It was really good for her to hold and cuddle Isaac.

Mom arrived early this evening, and we are so glad that she was able to make it as well. It really meant a lot to her to be able to hold him, and give him the afghan she knitted for him.

Mom spent the night at the hospital, probably held Isaac most of the time. I went home to be with Heather.

Prayer requests:
  That we would have God's strength to uphold us for an impending decision about what to do about keeping him on life support

Posted by Jon Daley on November 22, 2002, 10:00 pm | Read 8637 times
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Hello Jon and Heather!

I know that I haven't spoken to either of you in a long time. But I was thinking about you recently as I was talking with someone on an internet bulletin board here:

I was wondering if you thought it might be appropriate to share a link to your webpage with her? But I could also see how it might not be as she is a very hostile person (verbally) and I wouldn't want to cause you both any harm.

Let me know what you think - please feel free to say no.

Posted by Toni Shuma on July 1, 2004, 1:21 pm

Hrm. I don't remember seeing the question before, but was clicking around because I was about to share Isaac's story with some new people, and hadn't read through the beginning articles in a long time.

I wish I could put all the emails and comments that people privately wrote on the blog - it expands the story so much.

But, anyway Toni, I just went and your the conversation - sounds like conversations I had in college - I don't know how much people are actually reading to think about these things (and are actually interested in maybe changing their minds?) or how much they are just bored and like arguing.

But, in any case, you (and anyone else reading this) can feel free to share our web page - we can ignore things pretty easily if we have to. :)

Posted by Jon Daley on December 8, 2014, 12:34 pm
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