We went to Florida for vacation with the Daleys for one week and the Wightmans for another week.  It was a great time.  But this leaves me behind on posting, so here we go...

On one of our many walks in Clearwater Beach, Jonathan was walking along with a little stick hanging out of his mouth.  I asked him not to chew on it and he replied, "I'm not chewing on it, I'm using it as a yucky cigarette."


Jonathan is borrowing a superhero costume from some friends.  I believe it's a generic one - it has a t-rex skull on the front.  Jonathan was asking me what Superman has on his, and I talked about the S and then i design for Incredibles, and then said, "But yours has a dinosaur on it!"  He said, "Actually, it's an old skeleton that lived a long time ago."


One time after he woke up in the morning, Jonathan said, "I saw a make up story in my sleep." 


March 12 -  Noah pulled up on our kitchen stool and then took a couple of steps pushing it along.  

Jonathan had me print out some coloring book pages and he cut the firehat and hose off of the picture very nicely (for a first time at cutting out something specifically.)


March 14 - Noah's 8th tooth finally made its appearance! 

The Kuhns were coming over for dinner and Jonathan planned all afternoon for a "Kids' Meeting" that they were going to have.  "We're going to pray, and talk about Abraham, and when Jesus died on the cross, and we're going to have snacks!"  (He saved a bunch of goldfish crackers in his overalls front pocket.)  Keep in mind this is from a boy who has never been to a Sunday school class.  When the time came, the other boys took a little convincing, but they had it and seemed to enjoy it (Jonathan definitely did.)


March 17 - We all pitched in together to clean out and organize the refrigerator and freezer.  Jonathan helped unload, scrub, and reload.  Then we spent four fun and tiring hours at the Children's Museum.  Jon and Jonathan spent about two of those hours at the waterplay area.  We saw an Irish dance demonstration, and played with the big sideways pin board.  Jonathan discovered he could make an impression of his whole body and that was really cool looking.  He also climbed up and down the climbing thing several times. It was a Saturday and really crowded, but a nicer crowded than weekday school groups because there was a much higher adult to child ratio. 

After we came home and had dinner,  we started tackling a project that Jon's wanted to do for a while - opening up the pantry so that all parts of all shelves are reachable (right now, they're six feet long with only one 34-inch door to access them.)  First, we took everything out - nonfood items on the porch and food items up on the third floor.  At one point, Jon said, "What do you want to do with this rosewater?"  (This half-used bottle came from my grandmother's spice collection.  My grandfather gave them to me after she died in 2002 and I'm sure it had been on her shelves for quite a while before then.)  The packrat in me is thinking well, I have seen recipes that use it...it was my grandmother's...we could wash our hands with warm rosewater towels like in Morocco!"  Jon continues as I hesitate, "Will we keep it so I can give it away when you die? Or maybe we can give it to our grandkids!"  At which point I couldn't help laughing at the absurdity of the image and the packrat was overruled.  I emptied the bottle and placed it in the recycling bag.


Today held two milestones for Noah.  I was holding him in my arms at church and then noticed that he seemed to be waving - not only with his arm, but with his hand as well.  I looked where he was looking, and sure enough, Mrs. Bates was smiling and waving at him from across the room!

Then during the singing time, Jonathan was doing the up-the-stairs-down-the-ramp routine and Noah followed him!  Noah climbed up a flight of four stairs all by himself! (Mommy right behind to be sure, but I didn't have to do anything except a bit of verbal encouragement.) 


(There you go, Mom.  You didn't have to wait too long!) 

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Thanks! And way to go, all of you!

Posted by SursumCorda on March 18, 2007, 8:16 pm

I gave up my rosewater, like so many other things, when we moved. Some I really regret giving up, but most I haven't missed. The rosewater would have been great if we had remembered to do the warm rosewater towel thing -- that's definitely associated with favorable emotional circumstances.

Posted by SursumCorda on March 19, 2007, 1:12 pm
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