We got a call from the coroner today. The second part of the inquest has been scheduled for March 5th.

I found yahoo news group that was formed to support midwives who are undergoing legal battles. They have been extremely supportive, and great to talk to, especially last week, when Heather was in New England, and I was feeling alone.

Prayer requests:
That Judy would be able to come to the memorial service.
That we wouldn't be angry with the obstetrican who testified at the inquest, that we can understand his biases and know that if this does go to trial, other experts and studies will be cited, and the truth will be made known.

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We have been doing pretty good, after the inquest day was over, things got a lot better, and I think we could relax some, and not be so stressed -- although, even as I write this, I realize my shoulders are tense.

Somewhat unrelated side-note (related just because it is about babies!) John and Alissa Kuhns had their baby on Saturday morning, and I got to hold Nathanael(!) and spend the day with them, helping out as I could. He has been the first baby that I could even think about holding, and mostly it was great, with occasional tears or thoughts about similarities to Isaac, etc.

Prayer requests:
That Heather would return safely from New England (in the snow, or waiting until after the storm), where she has been helping out her parents pack up to move back to Florida.
That I would be able to reply to all (or at least some) of the people who have written us email and cards.

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Inquest today. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as we thought it would be. We got to listen to everyone else testify, which basically was good, interesting to hear the story from various perspectives. A bit hard to hear the autopsy report, but the doctor was... well, as my mom says, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

The media wasn't as bad as we expected either, most people didn't even talk to us at all, just quoted us out of context to make a better story. The Post-Gazette reporter, Jim McKinnon, wrote the best article of them all, but as the Rev. Doug McGlynn would say, "that's like being the best quarterback in the nursing home." We were on a bunch of tv stations too, I think 3 different stations, with one of them devoting 10 minutes or so to the story. I wouldn't have thought anyone would care so much. As my brother said, "that's kind of cool to be on tv! ... oh, maybe not"

The inquest didn't finish, they have some more witnesses to talk to (and some paramedics and police officers to re-subpeona, since they didn't show up the first time). The date hasn't been scheduled yet, probably the end of February.

We are mostly just physically tired from sitting in one place for the whole day. Heather went off to the monthly women's meeting, and I think was encouraged by being there.

Prayer requests:
  That Judy wouldn't see/hear about all the nasty stuff the doctor said about her.
  That the next part of the inquest would go wonderfully, so that the judge would be convinced to not send this to trial.
  That Heather and I wouldn't get stressed about things, and let them make other little things seem like big things.

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The memorial service has been scheduled for March 16th, 2:00PM, at the Church of Ascension in Pittsburgh (Oakland, 4729 Ellsworth Avenue)

We are planning on a fairly informal service/celebration of Isaac's life, and would love to have you come. If you want to help out with that, we will have some setup time, chairs, etc. and also food for afterwards, so anything you want to help us with will be much appreciated.

Everyone is welcome at the memorial service. Some people have asked whether they can bring their kids/babies. YES!

If you are interested in giving money to somewhere, Heather and I sponsor two children in Uganda through Compassion International, and write letters periodically, and it is a great organization.
Gifts can be made in memory of Isaac Daley.

You can contact them here:
Compassional International
Colorado Springs, CO 80997

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