I had figured it would be too expensive for Lime Daley to accept credit cards, but Citibank recently sent an advertisement that they did card processing that didn't have annual fees. Presumably, they have higher transaction fees to make up for that, but no, they don't! They don't have annual fees, just monthly fees. When I questioned the lady on that, she said that that was completely different, and so it wasn't really misleading.
I have a new web hosting service, without monthly fees, it costs 0.0 cents/minute to host. Note, there may be small errors due to rounding.Actual cost: 0.049 cents per minute, times 60 minutes per hour, times 24 hours per day, times 30 days per month, results in a "real' cost of $21.168 per month. Good thing there isn't a monthly fee, or else that cost would add up.
Posted by Jon Daley on July 28, 2005, 4:29 pm | Read 2321 times
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