Oh, yes.  It has been half a year since my last pocket notes post...

9/6 - Joy says "yum" and "yummy", "all done/gone" (sounds like ah-doh), "where shoe?", and "mine" (sounds like my)

9/25 - Faith reading the Bible to Joy: "When you want Mommy to cuddle with you but she can't, you aren't alone because God is with you."

Faith also reminded herself of this as she went down to put tools away in the basement.

9/28 - Noah let me listen to his piano practice and I was impressed with his progress: both hands, dynamics, steady rythmn

10/2 - Noah lost his upper left second incisor. It had to come out to make room for the new first incisor.  That is, he lost three baby teeth to make room for two adult teeth.  As of March, he has not lost any more.

10/12 - Jon felt the baby move

~10/12 - Joy says, "'kay" for ok

10/14 - Faith felt the baby move

10/14 - Joy says, "two, three" sounds like "do, wee"

10/17 - Joy says, "hot" sounds like a breathy "ha"

10/21 - I turn 33.

10/24 - Joy says, "thank you" sounds like "tha tchoo"

10/31 - The almost-went-to-the-doctor day.  Joy put a bead up Faith's nose (I think she was lying down).  After much distress in attempting extraction, I finally got it with a toothpick.  Later that same day, Jonathan cut his ankle on a piece of broken tile.  He was very dramatic about it, which we have started to treat as the boy crying wolf, but when I actually saw it, I agreed that it was pretty impressive.  But a butterfly closure did the trick and we did not need to go get stitches.

11/1 - Joy put on Faith's shirt, underwear, and shorts - she wants to be just like big sister!

11/1 - Joy said, "Faith" sounds like Thay.

11/18 - Jonathan turns 9

11/21 - Isaac would be 10.  Wow.

12/8 - We move into our own house!

1/18 - Joy poured her own milk by herself (with the last of the gallon).

1/9 - I was looking for electrical caps. Joy said, "dap!" and handed me the jar of caps.

1/26 - To Joy, every animal says "roar"

1/28 - Jonathan had a bad math day. The worksheet would say "what's the difference..." and Jonathan's answer was "one's longer".

2/2 - Jon's birthday party/Housewarming party

2/8 - I was using a measuring cup to scoop batter out, and Joy said, "me do cup please"

2/9 - Jonathan: "Nobody can argue that Mrs.Lull is a good teacher."  Faith: "'Cause she is!"

Joy likes giving high fives.  She'll say "fie!" and hold her palm up.

2/11 - Jon turns 36.

2/13 - Jeremiah is born.

2/15 - Joy, heading down the stairs, said, "Bye.  Love you, Mommy."

Three of Joy's two year molars came in after I last brushed her teeth before Jeremiah was born and before I first brushed her teeth a week later.  The slow one is the top left.

2/23 - Joy turns two.

3/10 - Joy sees Jeremiah spit up on my shoulder.  She says, "Spill." and then goes and gets me a sponge.

3/16 - Faith reads!  She reads the first several stories in I Can Read It! Book 1.

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Thank you!

Posted by Jon Daley on March 19, 2013, 7:29 pm

Your pocket must be feeling much lighter now. :)

Faith reads! When did that happen? I was with her for a month and had no idea she was so close. I knew she could read the words in my PowerPoint show, but those are mostly names. Good for you, Faith!

Posted by Linda Wightman on March 19, 2013, 8:04 pm

She asked me to do school with her and I got out the magnetic letters. I started with AT, and she did such a good job with "cat, rat, hat, sat, mat, pat" that I got out the book. I had been planning on starting the first grade language arts program with her next year, but I guess I'll start it now!

Posted by joyful on March 19, 2013, 8:22 pm

Thanks for the update!

Posted by dstb on March 20, 2013, 6:53 am

Hurray for updates! Now, from now on a little a day goes a long way . . . ;)

Posted by Janet on March 20, 2013, 8:59 am

Also, Mom, I'm sure all the reading you did for Faith, and the powerpoint, helped her greatly along the way.

Posted by joyful on March 20, 2013, 9:07 am
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