Someone off-handedly mentioned on the midwives list that so-called "crack babies" are really mis-named. While crack is certainly not the thing to do, medical research says that it isn't any worse than alcohol or tobacco. There are a number of articles, like this one that can be found from Google(More)
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I have been reading a serious of articles by Bob Kauflin, written for I don't agree entirely, and I think he is primarily focused on younger people, those who like so-called "praise" songs, and don't like hymns, so if you do not understand that camp, you might not get as much out of the talks.
I also purchased a cd somewhat recently by Indelible Grace, and have liked a number of their songs. The lead singer, Matthew Smith is releasing a new cd shortly, and there is an interview on his web page. (More)
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A friend told me about a nifty web page, FreeCycle. There are groups all over the place that have formed for the purpose of giving away stuff. I just got a Xerox machine from a company downstairs from my office, but I wouldn't ever have heard of them had it not been for FreeCycle.
By the way -- the company that gave me the copier is called Radio Information Services, and the service they provide sounds neat.
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I just discovered last night that if you type in more than one word into the address bar, FireFox assumes you are doing a google search, and even better, does the "I'm feeling lucky" feature of google. So, if you type Jon Daley into firefox's address bar, it goes to my home page. Faster than typing out
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Not that I am particularly looking for a job at Google, but they have had some fun entry questions lately.
The one I saw this morning in a magazine was:  (More)
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Dave Ljung, the creator of Album, the program I use to generate my photo album, has some good stuff to say about the television.
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The Graduate Christian Fellowship at Carnegie-Mellon University has a group that meets weekly for discussion of various articles. I rarely make it to the discussion, but this week's topic was David Brooks's articles on Patio Man and the "Sprawl People".
I was asked for a summary of the conversation; hopefully, I did an ok job of representing the opinions that were spoken there. (More)
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Some people have gotten together and collected stories, advice and reference material for midwives (and really anyone) who might be involved in a lawsuit. The book is available online, but you can buy a paper copy if you would like.
I questioned the statement, "Interestingly, there are no current prosecutions of unlicensed midwives in the states that license midwives" in the first chapter, and I found out that "Being unlicensed will always have a higher risk of prosecution, but statistically you are safer to be unlicensed in a licensed state than practicing in an unlicensed state." The reasoning is that if the state licenses midwives, the burden of prosecution falls on the licensing agency, and they don't have the resources to prosecute everyone, whereas if the state does not license midwives, the burden falls on the state, and they can just spend the taxpayers money.
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I don't know the whole story (this article is the first I have heard of it), but if you can believe the media, I guess "they" will be coming to get Jonathan too, since he has picked up something off of the floor and put it in his mouth. Horrors. (More)
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Either I am just finding a bunch of good stuff today, or else I am tired. Probably the latter. Anyway, go to google and type in "weapons of mass destruction" and then click "I'm Feeling Lucky". A pretty good one. If for some reason that, doesn't work, you can just click here.
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Warning: Dihydrogen Monoxide I found the link from here
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Came across this today. I like the haiku. Virtual Stapler
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The Inquirer: News, Reviews, Facts and Friction
I somewhat doubt that the reason Google is more popular than someone like Vivisimo is because the name is related to the number googol.
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I thought I would be writing this post to say how great Lingo is, and how you should all sign up for their service. They answer their phone within a couple rings, no matter when I called, and sounded like they would be able to fix any technical problems I had. However, after spending hours on the phone with customer support, I discovered that their customer support (in India, like so many other companies these days) doesn't really know anything, and can hardly speak English. (More)
Posted by Jon Daley on May 2, 2004, 6:04 am | Read 18370 times | Comments (23)
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