Yesterday, while Jonathan was napping, I went downstairs to do some things. I didn't turn the monitor on, because I was only going to be gone "for a minute." Well, it ended up being a half hour, but I wasn't too concerned because his naps are usually at least 45 minutes, and I couldn't hear him crying. However, when I got back upstairs, there he was, sitting up in the middle of the bed, with pieces of tissue strewn all around him, a piece in each hand, and one dribbling from his mouth! I laughed so hard I was crying.
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The matching top tooth poked through today!
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Got a shot today, and he didn't cry this time, even smiled at the nurse afterwards. I unofficially weighed him. This is with clothes and diaper, but the diaper was not full. Hold your breaths... 26 lb 6 oz Yikes! I'm going to have to get the 24 mo clothes out.
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Jon went on the bike ride this weekend and said all he missed was two days and all these new things happen! Jonathan was in the crawling position, and he sat up! I was so excited. He did it very smoothly, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I wanted to clap and cheer, but it was during the sermon on Sunday, so I couldn't...
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He has his top right tooth now! Just finished breaking through on Saturday. He has bitten me a couple of times, but I yelled "ouch" and then firmly said "no biting." So hopefully he'll get the connection soon.
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For a while he has been "almost there." Saturday, we went to William Kuhns' 4th birthday party, and the balloons were enticing! The moms there agreed that you could really call it crawling - the cross-pattern, moving forward. Definitely still unpolished and not very smooth or quick, but we decided that it's real! This is hands and knees crawling, known to the Institutes as creeping. He went straight to that, without the tummy crawl. It is fascinating to watch. It's just so amazing! And cute too. Sometimes when he's reaching for things, his opposite leg sticks straight out. No pictures yet, sorry. It always takes a while to capture a new thing. Some other pictures should be coming soon.
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Just went through all of Jonathan's pictures the other day and am amazed at how much he has changed. I said at first that I thought he didn't look like Isaac at all. Now I am starting to see more similarities. I always did think Isaac looked more like a three month old than a newborn, and I really think Jonathan started looking more like Isaac around then. The other night when it was hot, Jonathan was sleeping without any clothes on, and he really did look similar to Isaac. Sweet, peaceful little face, eyes closed, fat little bare shoulders looking so cute.
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Jonathan is working on another tooth, and complaining some about it. A couple new pictures have been added.
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Jonathan has two teeth! They are his bottom front ones. The left one came in two Saturdays ago, and the right one last Saturday. We can see them when we look in his mouth now - when he lets us look!
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Jonathan had a doctor's appointment today, and he weighed in at 23 pounds, 10 ounces. 27 inches long.
Maybe that is why I sprained my neck yesterday tossing him in the air.
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I was looking at our pictures again and realized that Jon had put my Isaac pregnancy pictures on Jonathan's pictures page. Is it any wonder why?
Heather pregnant with Isaac Heather pregnant with Jonathan
You can see the difference in my hair length, and that's about it!
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Born: November 18th, 2003 -- 6:20AM

Not much here yet, will get around to that hopefully soon (where "soon" means sometime before he is 20).
Here are some pictures to start!

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The service was great! Thank you to all who came, and to all who helped out with setting up, cleaning up, and making food, running the overhead projector, leading worship, setting up and playing the cd player, making photocopies, and running back to the church to get the bulletins that I left behind.

Here are the lyrics to some of the songs that we sang.

Heather worked really hard on a special cake, in memory of some children and families we know who went through a somewhat similar situation.

At the end of the memorial service, we announced that we are expecting a sibling for Isaac in November!!!!

Prayer requests:
For all aspects of the new baby, pregnancy, birth, and beyond
That we would be patient while waiting for the decision.

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