Jonathan likes to be chased. Especially fun is for Mommy or Daddy to get on hands and knees - then he (nearly) runs away and giggles all the while.
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I had just told my friend yesterday that I was getting discouraged about signing because Jonathan was not doing any except for an isolated sign here and there.

Then today, he distinctly signed for "milk" several times! The first time, he was cranky and I asked him what he needed. I said, "do you want milk, or a diaper change?" I neglected to sign either of those. He responded by signing "milk" and eagerly nursed when I gave it to him. Hooray!
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This afternoon, Jonathan walked around the dining room table, and when he got back to where I was, I said, "Hello!" He immediately said, "hebbwo!"
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In a recent post, I mentioned that our bed is a little too high for Jonathan to comfortably get off by himself. So today, I took the bed off the frame (and took the legs off the headboard, which was quite the job by myself, I should have waited for Jon to come home, but it's already done.)

Jonathan then practiced several times. He still requires much encouragement, and he gets nervous when he starts to slide. He is then pleasantly surprised when his feet hit the ground before he loses his grip on the covers.
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On Monday, which is my vacuuming day, I did two floors while Jonathan took a nap. Then for the other two floors, he was awake, but he was content to be out of the backpack - which is a great help to my energy!

As always, I warned him when I was going to turn it on. Usually, he would run away when it came on, and then come back when it looked safe (ie, Mommy had not gotten eaten.) He would alternately follow closely and run away.

But I consider this a great step forward because he is getting heavy!
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Jonathan likes to watch me "take the diapers out of the washer and put them into the dryer." This evening, he closed the dryer door before I had finished transferring the diapers. So I asked him to please open the door, and he did! Then, when I had finished, I said, "ok, now it is time to close the door. Will you please close the door?" And he did!
One educational opportunity missed if we had a diaper service. (:
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Jonathan and I now have this fun game where we sit on the bed and fall back. He will do this by himself now, and he thinks it's very funny. Also, the other day, he did several practice trials of getting off the bed feet first. It's still a little high for him to comfortably get all the way on his own, so we're going to take the bed off the frame soon. He likes to walk on the uneven and unsteady surface of the bed, and he is quite aware and careful of the edge now.
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At some point in the middle of the night, Jonathan, in a sing-song quiet voice, said, "Hi-eye, oh, bdoy" It was cute.
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That's Jonathan's favorite phrase nowadays. He says it while walking, while looking at lights, and at other random times. Somtimes it's "ooh yeah" sometimes "ho yeah" but it sure sounds like any teenager to me. (:
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Jonathan can now flip the light switches in both directions. He also continues to enjoy pulling the chain switches.
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Jonathan fell down one whole flight of stairs all by himself this afternoon. ): All three of us were up in the computer room, and he was happily exploring the floor. Then Jon said, "is something burning?" and I suddenly recalled that I had been making dinner. I rushed downstairs, and in my hurry, did not close the gate behind me. Jon continued doing computer stuff, and Jonathan continued exploring. I took care of the burnt lentils and started making some more. Then we heard three or four thump, bumps, and then crying. When I heard Jon run down the stairs, I knew that Jonathan had fallen down them (and not some other falling.) Jon picked him up, and I came too. Praise God, only one goose egg and a few abrasions on his head, some abrasions on his mouth, and a fat lip. Jon thought there was some bleeding in his mouth, but it stopped before we could look again. After he calmed down, we noted that everything he did was normal - nothing broken or funny. He can walk and pick up things, and all the usual. He does like chewing on the ice pops, though. Rather heartwrenching, I must say.
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Dr.Anderson called and said that Jonathan's lead came back 9.2. That's below their threshold of 10, but still some, so he said to be careful, make sure we wash his toys and keep the rugs vacuumed and watch out where he plays. Jon isn't really satisfied with that and said he'd call him to see what he'd recommend if Jonathan's levels were over 10.
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Jonathan climbed up one whole flight of stairs all by himself this morning! Mommy was at the top and Daddy was behind. At first, he slid down a few stairs, but Jon actually did not have to do any catching the whole way.
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Ok, so I wrote the previous post after this happened, but I had been meaning to write it before.
Jonathan has always been fascinated with lights. Yesterday, I held him up to the light in our bedroom and gave him the cord and showed him how to pull it so the light would turn on and off. This afternoon, I was holding Jonathan on the bed, and he reached for the window blind cord. When I gave it to him, he yanked on it and said, "Pull!" I explained that he was holding the cord for the blinds, so it wouldn't be exciting. So I took him to the light again, and he said "pull" several times while pulling the cord and turning the light on and off. How cool is that!?!
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There are times when it seems like Jonathan is saying something in the right context, but it's hard to be sure if he really "means" it. Here are a few of those: Da-dy, Mom, bus, water, ball, out
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