Jonathan climbed up one whole flight of stairs all by himself this morning! Mommy was at the top and Daddy was behind. At first, he slid down a few stairs, but Jon actually did not have to do any catching the whole way.
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Ok, so I wrote the previous post after this happened, but I had been meaning to write it before.
Jonathan has always been fascinated with lights. Yesterday, I held him up to the light in our bedroom and gave him the cord and showed him how to pull it so the light would turn on and off. This afternoon, I was holding Jonathan on the bed, and he reached for the window blind cord. When I gave it to him, he yanked on it and said, "Pull!" I explained that he was holding the cord for the blinds, so it wouldn't be exciting. So I took him to the light again, and he said "pull" several times while pulling the cord and turning the light on and off. How cool is that!?!
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There are times when it seems like Jonathan is saying something in the right context, but it's hard to be sure if he really "means" it. Here are a few of those: Da-dy, Mom, bus, water, ball, out
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Jonathan had a routine blood test at his 9 month appointment, and they say he has a high lead content in his blood. They are re-running the test today, to make sure that they didn't mess it up the first time.
The city will test your water, so we did that this morning. I think it takes a week or two to get the results back. (More)
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Today at Women's Bible Study, Jonathan stood up all by himself, without pulling up on anything or anyone.
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Jonathan walked from the doorway of the computer room to the mirror in the hallway all by himself! The distance is about six feet. He cheered for himself when he got to the mirror (:
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Last night, Jonathan, from a standing position and without holding onto anything else, bent down to pick up a toy and straightened up again.
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Except By the Consumer. I don't think they really meant for someone to consume it orally. He didn't, but he tried.
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Jonathan must have been reading about the Alloways in the newsletter, as he wanted to find out about the London Bridge and fell over twice today. Once with a face plant off of the couch, and another time rolled off of the bed. They were somewhat traumatic, and it seemed that he was crying because he was hurting, and not just surprised, like he sometimes has with smaller bonks.
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Today, right after Grammy arrived, she was playing with Jonathan, holding a balloon out for him to get. He took two steps toward it - all by himself!!!!
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This will be short because I really don't have time to type up the whole adventure (maybe Mom can pry it out of me before the next newsletter!) We went with Alissa, Will, and Nate. Jonathan's favorite parts were the fish and the llama. My favorite parts were the nursing gorilla and the sea dragons. Now I understand why children under 2 are free. They really don't get much of the experience. It's hard to see a lot of the animals, and Jonathan doensn't follow a pointed finger yet. But the rest of us saw most of the animals, and we had a fun time. Jonathan even got to pet a boa constrictor! The zoo lady said that he's braver than most parents... Maybe naive is more correct. (:
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Of course, I am the most objective person in the world, so you will have to agree that Jonathan is the most beautiful baby in the whole world.
Naked baby on the beach
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Jonathan can now climb up me to a standing position! He starts by pushing on my knees, and then grabs my hands. At first I didn't know if it counted, because I didn't know how much I was contributing. But I think he really is doing it.
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He can pick them up rather well and he did enjoy them, after that first "this is a weird sensation" face.
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When Jonathan was laughing today, what should I see but another break in the gums where a tooth will soon appear! He has been drooling a lot, and he likes chewing on unopened ice pops, but I hadn't felt anything. Maybe that's because I avoid putting my fingers in his mouth now...
Posted by Heather Daley on June 24, 2004, 1:17 pm | Read 2735 times | Comments (0)
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