The line at security at the Orlando International Airport was short and quick. There was only one man in front of us to go through the x-ray machines. He had a lot of stuff (now that I think about it, way too much for legal carry-on) and he had to take his laptop out of its bag, etc. (More)
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Mom found this house while canoeing in the Merrimack River, and thinks it is just perfect for us. It does look great! There is a lot of land (13 acres) and a lovely place for the Black Rabbit to launch from.
We have gotten used to Pittsburgh housing prices, so anything is a shock, but this house is fairly expensive in my mind, though probably quite reasonable.
It needs a lot of work, and of course, I would need to find a job, and see how the community is, etc.
Update: the address is 250 West Road, Canterbury, NH. It is 50 or so minutes from my parents.
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You can check Linda's blog for updates on Jonathan this week.
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We recently switched our automobile insurance to State Farm, because Amica doubled their rates on our homeowners policy, a bait-and-switch sort of thing - they told me the estimated rate, and I agreed, spent a month trying to get the inspector to come look at the house. (More)
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There have been a number of things we wanted to work better on the Flying Junior, but mostly because it is hard to find a sailboat store in Pittsburgh, we hadn't gotten around to it. (More)
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On Tuesday, I just randomly started singing "All Around the Mulberry Bush" without really thinking about it. When I finished, Jonathan said in a singy voice, "monkey, weasel, monkey, weasel!" (More)
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Monday morning, September 19, 2005, at 9 a.m., the Judge will begin hearing arguments on Pre-Trial Motions filed in the case. Judy's attorney will be asking for dismissal.

Judy has asked me to request that those of you who pray, pray for 3 specific things:
  1. That her attorney will be granted wisdom and discernment as he argues his case Monday morning;
  2. That Judy and her family will stay focused on God and not be tempted or discouraged;
  3. That the case will be dismissed, Lord willing, and that God will be glorified.
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Saturday, Jonathan started counting to 4 consisently and then went up to 6 a few times. Now he consistently counts to 6, and if you say 7 he will then say, 8,9 and sometimes 10. (More)
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In addition to not using baby talk (Would my wittle Jonafan wike a nice kissy-poo?) it is a good idea to go even further and not use baby slang. Here is a personal example of how Jonathan learned the correct words instead of a word he would have to grow out of someday. (More)
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Jonathan has tried before, unsuccessfully, to fasten the snaps on his onesies. Part of the reason it's hard is that the more he bends over to concentrate, the more his back pulls on the back part, the tighter the snap is - if he tried to adjust his grip, he usually dropped it. (More)
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While it is impossible to keep up with all of the new words Jonathan can say, there are interesting stories every once in a while (how "interesting" is measured is probably different among the different readers of this blog) and so I like to share them. Also, I realized that sometimes we say he can say things when really only we can tell what he means, so in this post, I will write in quotes what he actually says. (More)
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