Someday I will get this more organized, but I wanted to at least have one post in the programming category, so I will link to my "old" code page.
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Please pray for peace for all of us, that we will trust that God is in control and not worry about anything.
Pray for Lisa Pelligrini, the prosecutor. From my little observation of her, she seems to be an angry person, kind of like a school bully - there is probably some hurt she has experienced in her own life that drives her behavior.
Pray that truth will prevail.
Posted by Heather Daley on June 4, 2004, 4:13 pm | Read 3178 times | Comments (0)
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Jon says it's pretty much pointless to try to correct most of the wrong details that the media prints, but I did want to say that Isaac was born on November 21, 2002 and died on November 23, 2002. Only one channel/paper had that wrong last year, but now it's on all the stations and papers.
Posted by Heather Daley on June 4, 2004, 4:10 pm | Read 3216 times | Comments (1)
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I just got back from the courthouse. The judge upheld all charges. The prosecution added a fourth charge as well, that I didn't really understand -- It was a little hard to hear everything. There is an additional charge of endangering the welfare of a minor, I think having to do with actions before Isaac was born, and the first charge only has to do with actions after he was born. Judy's lawyer argued that the actions are one, her actions of the entire care of the baby, and I think the judge sort of agreed, and maybe said something about allowing it in, and then it would be dismissed, not quite sure about all that. At the end, he just said something like, "all charges stand."  (More)
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I haven't posted this here, and since occasionally some people actually read this, I might as well post it. I am going on a 150 mile bike ride on June 12-13 to raise money for multiple sclerosis. I am supposed to raise at least $200, so if you have a couple bucks to spare, please send some my way. There is a link here too.
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I found a decent article that was written today. (More)
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Just went through all of Jonathan's pictures the other day and am amazed at how much he has changed. I said at first that I thought he didn't look like Isaac at all. Now I am starting to see more similarities. I always did think Isaac looked more like a three month old than a newborn, and I really think Jonathan started looking more like Isaac around then. The other night when it was hot, Jonathan was sleeping without any clothes on, and he really did look similar to Isaac. Sweet, peaceful little face, eyes closed, fat little bare shoulders looking so cute.
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Either I am just finding a bunch of good stuff today, or else I am tired. Probably the latter. Anyway, go to google and type in "weapons of mass destruction" and then click "I'm Feeling Lucky". A pretty good one. If for some reason that, doesn't work, you can just click here.
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Warning: Dihydrogen Monoxide I found the link from here
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Came across this today. I like the haiku. Virtual Stapler
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Heather and I have wanted to put scripture on the wall for a while, and we finally got around to doing it, and finished one of the walls today.
Scripture Stencil -- As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord 
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Jonathan is working on another tooth, and complaining some about it. A couple new pictures have been added.
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I think there are a bunch of places who are doing this, and I just should get the list, but Heather just bought a baby sling from these people. They donate a part of their profit to Judy's Legal Defense Fund.
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If you noticed, I have been playing with the colors lately. I think I like this setting. Any opinions?
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The Inquirer: News, Reviews, Facts and Friction
I somewhat doubt that the reason Google is more popular than someone like Vivisimo is because the name is related to the number googol.
Posted by Jon Daley on May 19, 2004, 9:32 am | Read 13812 times | Comments (0)
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