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Posted by Jon Daley on February 19, 2024, 1:50 pm | Read 139 times | Comments (5)
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Announcement: Team Victory!

Joy has designed a tshirt for Grace's cancer journey.
Grace wearing sample Team Victory shirt.Grace wearing sample Team Victory shirt.

We are selling them as a fundraiser for David's House. They cost us $20 each, but we're selling them for $10 minimum and any amount you give over $10 will be donated to David's House, the free housing we used while we were at Dartmouth Hospital.

Posted by Heather Daley on January 25, 2024, 10:34 am | Read 617 times | Comments (12)
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All hope is found in Jesus Christ.

He has sustained, encouraged and drawn us closer to Him this year. We pray that as you share in our experience either through personal contact with us, or through reading a bit of our story here, that you will be blessed by the Lord, and that He will reveal Himself to you.
Posted by Jon Daley on July 13, 2003, 2:00 pm | Read 178731 times | Comments (1)
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I had a revelation today. While we felt very supported back in November, we have recently been more feeling on our own. Certainly, people want to care for us, and probably don't know how to do that. But, I think the bigger issue is that most people we know do not agree with our decisions about how the birth of our first (and second) child happened/will happen. So, that makes it hard for people to know how to talk with us, and they are, as Heather said, "holding their breath until this baby is born, then things will be more relaxed." There is petition circulating around Pittsburgh and elsewhere regarding our case in particular, but in a larger sense, who is responsible for making medical decisions. The petition will be delivered early next week, in hopes of affecting the district attorney's decision for this case. I was going to send it to people, but I am not sure who to send it to, as I think lots of our friends think that the doctor does always know best, and his opinion should outweigh your own in all cases. I think that is a pretty scary place to be, a place where the hospital is in charge and you have no say in what happens to you. Which is basically what is happening in this case. We signed an "informed consent" document, but apparently because doctors have people sign those forms all the time without really explaining things, "informed consent" no longer means anything legally.

As the coroner stated, "a woman in labor" (and apparently her husband by extension) "cannot make decisions rationally" and needs the care practioner to make all decisions for them. I guess that would lead to that all decisions are the medical practitioner's fault. Thus, know we know why the doctors are scared about the malpractice suits, since they have brought upon themselves this conundrum: they know everything, and don't allow patients to take responsibility for any decisions, but yet, the doctors don't want the responsibility either.

So, we are left with the problem, the state can sue whoever they want, parents or provider because everyone is shirking their responsibility to be accountable for their decisions.

If you don't think parents should be able to make decisions regarding their own care, you should think about what the alternative is.

Prayer requests:
Continued prayers for us to trust God's guidance in our lives, and for our faith as we seek Him.
Praise and thanks for the group of families in Pittsburgh who are uniting in support of us and Judy
For legal decisions, both by the district attorney and the Friends of Judy as they try to figure out what is the best course of action.
That we would be able to understand our friends, and that our friends would be able to understand us

Posted by Jon Daley on July 11, 2003, 3:00 pm | Read 4630 times | Comments (0)
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Our lawyer talked with the district attorney at some point after the inquest finished to encourage him to end this whole legal ordeal, and to (re)emphasize that we are not in favor of this. It sounded as if he didn't really care a whole lot what we think. The estimate is that he will take 4 to 6 weeks to decide what to do. So, in LST (Legal Standard Time) that probably means 8 to 12 weeks.

I will let you know when we hear something.

Prayer requests:
Continued prayers for us to trust God's guidance in our lives, and for our faith as we seek Him.

Posted by Jon Daley on June 16, 2003, 2:00 pm | Read 4246 times | Comments (0)
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There was a funeral held today for Isaac in Old Saybrook, CT. Many members of our family were there, as well as a couple friends. The text of the bulletin is below. My grandfather led the service and a meditation on our hope and expectation of life after death for ourselves.

There were many people who made the burial, service and reception possible. Thank you to all who worked to make this day what it was. Thank you for doing things so that Heather and I didn't have to worry about them.

Prayer requests:
  Continued prayers for us to trust God's guidance in our lives, and for our faith as we seek Him.

Posted by Jon Daley on June 15, 2003, 8:00 pm | Read 3347 times | Comments (0)
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"Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you and pray for those who persecute you"
-- Matthew 5:44

The inquest just finished this morning. It has been a big media circus -- radio stations started the publicity this morning, and there were tons of reporters and cameras at the courthouse.

Fortunately, our lawyers recommended that Judy, Heather and I not be there, so we didn't have to talk to the media.

The coroner recommended to the district attorney that he press charges of homicide against Judy. The district attorney doesn't have to take that recommendation, but usually he follows the advice of the coroner. The whole process is highly political, so it is hard to know what will happen.

I was struck today by an article in the Voice of the Martyrs today where persecuted Christians in Muslim countries were praying for their captors and persecutors. So, I had a different prayer this morning -- not just that Carol Mills McCarthy (the judge) would make the right decision, but that she, Ed Borkowski (assistant district attorney), and Cyril Wecht (the coroner), would be blessed in their job, in their families, in their lives.

Prayer requests:
Please pray for Judy for strength to endure through what will most likely be a long and drawn out time.
Also pray for Judy's finances, as trials are really expensive, probably fifty to a hundred thousand dollars, which is hard to imagine.
Continued prayers for us to trust God's guidance in our lives, and for our faith as we seek Him.

Posted by Jon Daley on June 6, 2003, 2:00 pm | Read 3426 times | Comments (0)
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Scott Hansma originally wrote a plugin for Eudora in 1997. When he graduated, he asked if I wanted to take over control of the source, as he wasn't interested in working on it any more. (More)
Posted by Jon Daley on June 1, 2003, 12:00 pm | Read 9413 times | Comments (0)
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The coroner finally called today, to let us know that a date has been scheduled for the "findings" of whether a trial is recommended or not. Next Friday at 10:30AM.

Prayer requests:
Continued prayers for us to trust God's guidance in our lives, and for our faith as we seek Him.

Posted by Jon Daley on May 28, 2003, 11:00 am | Read 3639 times | Comments (0)
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A funeral service has been scheduled for June 15th, 4:00PM, at a cemetary in Old Saybrook, CT, where a number of Heather's extended family has been buried.

While it will be a small service, intended mostly for family, if you were unable to attend the memorial service in Pittsburgh, you are welcome to attend the funeral service. Contact us for details.

If you are interested in giving money to somewhere, Heather and I sponsor two children in Uganda through Compassion International, and write letters periodically, and it is a great organization.
Gifts can be made in memory of Isaac Daley.

You can contact them here:
Compassional International
Colorado Springs, CO 80997

Prayer requests:
  Please pray for details regarding the service.

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We went to the CORE ceremony today. The ceremony was for donors and recipients of organ donations from 2002. Isaac's heart valves were collected and frozen for future use. They have not yet been transplanted into anyone yet, but I guess they can be stored for a couple years and they will still work fine.

Originally, we were a little concerned about the content of the ceremony, that I know some people view the donation process as the only means of having something good come out of something bad. However, most of the ceremony was nice. A couple recipients spoke, and said how grateful they are that some donor gave them a new kidney, heart, etc. I guess I hadn't really thought about it too much, what it means to a person who receives the organs. They had us release balloons that floated off (and put lots of rubber into the environment -- we were sort of surprised that people still do that...) They also had doves that they let go and fly away. The neat part was that they were trained, and so they swooped and circled around us a bunch of times before flying off. Presumably they flew back to the zoo or some other location to be picked up again.

I met one couple who talked about their son, who was born with a heart defect and moved to the NICU at Children's Hospital (he was in a bed one or two away from where Isaac was). The doctor (Dr. Death, as the parents call him) had no hope that a replacement heart could be found in time, nor that even if it was, that the transplant would be successful. As it turns out, a heart was found within a week or two, and the boy is now five years old, and doing great!

One thing that struck Heather and me as we watched the video of the pictures of all the donors, was how many people in our region donated organs last year. That number is probably a small percentage of the total number of people who died. In the video, they listed the person's name and age. It was easier to think about the older people dying, but when the people were younger than me, especially teens and younger, it is hard to think about them dying so young.

Isaac "won the award" for being the youngest donor last year -- the handful of kids who were a year or two or younger really affected the people watching -- you could hear sighs from all the families. The couple that I mentioned earlier had seen the video at a prior event, and as we started talking to them they remembered Heather and Isaac from the picture -- and that was only one picture out of hundreds.

I encourage you to look into this program, and see what a difference it can make in people's lives.

Many of you have asked if there is anything new. Nope. The coroner's office moves extremely slowly. Supposedly, the judge is working on a final draft of her decision -- at least that is what they told me 3 weeks ago. The coroner's office told us not to call them, "we'll call you", so we are trying to be patient as the days tick by.

We have been dealing with medical bills, insurance, collection agencies, etc. as everything gets confusing because some charges go under Heather's name (though she wasn't ever at the hospital) some are under "Baby", some under "Unknown" and some under "Isaac". But, we are slowly getting things figured out, and the insurance company called a provider that wasn't listening to us, so hopefully all that will be figured out shortly. (I think their slowness is only surpassed by the legal system). (:

Thanks for all of your continued prayers. It is still stressful having this not finished.

We are going to be checking out a birth center north of Pittsburgh for our second child. We hope that we will be able to go there.

Prayer requests:
Continued prayers for us to trust God's guidance in our lives, and for our faith as we seek Him.
For my stubborn sinfulness, in letting small things get me worked up. Pray that God would show grace and mercy to me in humbling me.

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These songs were sung at the memorial service, and have been very meaningful to us
Thanks to the writers and composers for providing a means of God's grace with these words.

Posted by Jon Daley on March 16, 2003, 9:05 pm | Read 28950 times | Comments (0)
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The service was great! Thank you to all who came, and to all who helped out with setting up, cleaning up, and making food, running the overhead projector, leading worship, setting up and playing the cd player, making photocopies, and running back to the church to get the bulletins that I left behind.

Here are the lyrics to some of the songs that we sang.

Heather worked really hard on a special cake, in memory of some children and families we know who went through a somewhat similar situation.

At the end of the memorial service, we announced that we are expecting a sibling for Isaac in November!!!!

Prayer requests:
For all aspects of the new baby, pregnancy, birth, and beyond
That we would be patient while waiting for the decision.

Posted by Jon Daley on March 16, 2003, 9:00 pm | Read 22062 times | Comments (0)
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It went well. The district attorney subpeonaed most midwives in Pittsburgh. Their testimonies were mostly good, acknowledging the fact that things that happened, could happen without the midwife being called incompetent, and it is not definite that there was anything else that should have been done, and that there exist non-nurse midwives who know what they are doing, and in fact even could be called experts.

The inquest is done, and within a month, the judge will make her recommendation about whether it should go to trial or not.

Contrary to what Channel 53 says, they are not thinking of charging us with anything. They are investigating whether Judy should be charged.

Prayer requests:
That God's will be done, but we hope that will is to not go to trial.
That we would not be angry at the "system".

Posted by Jon Daley on March 11, 2003, 1:00 pm | Read 4458 times | Comments (0)
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We went down to the court house for the second part of the inquest today. However, the coroner's office forgot to subpeona the witnesses. Details....

Channel 4 knew that they wouldn't have a story unless they could get some new angle, so the lady tried to come to our house so that people could see where the baby was born, etc. and get the personal side of the story. But, we turned her down. Heather said it is enough to have our hearts open to everyone, without having our living room open too.

So, they rescheduled for next Tuesday. I mentioned to the district attorney that I felt the witnesses have been pretty biased. (he showed me the list of who is going to be subpeonaed for next week as well) He was very nice about it, and said that if I have anyone who I think should be subpeonaed, he would be willing to recommend to somebody, that they be subpeonaed as well. There are two obstetricians that we know of, but they both appear to be on vacation, so hopefully we can find them in time.

Prayer requests:
That joy and hope would return to us
That this would not go to trial
That we could find an obstetrician or two to testify

Posted by Jon Daley on March 5, 2003, 12:00 pm | Read 3296 times | Comments (0)
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We got a call from the coroner today. The second part of the inquest has been scheduled for March 5th.

I found yahoo news group that was formed to support midwives who are undergoing legal battles. They have been extremely supportive, and great to talk to, especially last week, when Heather was in New England, and I was feeling alone.

Prayer requests:
That Judy would be able to come to the memorial service.
That we wouldn't be angry with the obstetrican who testified at the inquest, that we can understand his biases and know that if this does go to trial, other experts and studies will be cited, and the truth will be made known.

Posted by Jon Daley on February 25, 2003, 4:00 pm | Read 4018 times | Comments (0)
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