Dave Ljung, the creator of Album, the program I use to generate my photo album, has some good stuff to say about the television.
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This will be short because I really don't have time to type up the whole adventure (maybe Mom can pry it out of me before the next newsletter!) We went with Alissa, Will, and Nate. Jonathan's favorite parts were the fish and the llama. My favorite parts were the nursing gorilla and the sea dragons. Now I understand why children under 2 are free. They really don't get much of the experience. It's hard to see a lot of the animals, and Jonathan doensn't follow a pointed finger yet. But the rest of us saw most of the animals, and we had a fun time. Jonathan even got to pet a boa constrictor! The zoo lady said that he's braver than most parents... Maybe naive is more correct. (:
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"By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers. But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him? Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.(More)
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Hopefully, we are different than "Patio Man", but Heather and I had been considering doing something with our old linoleum kitchen floor, as it seemed impossible to clean. Last week I was in Busy Beaver and saw wood laminate floors on sale, so I decided to get some. It ended up being a little more than I thought originally, but still reasonably cheap, as far as flooring goes.
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The Graduate Christian Fellowship at Carnegie-Mellon University has a group that meets weekly for discussion of various articles. I rarely make it to the discussion, but this week's topic was David Brooks's articles on Patio Man and the "Sprawl People".
I was asked for a summary of the conversation; hopefully, I did an ok job of representing the opinions that were spoken there. (More)
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Hi all. I figured I would put a post here, so it will show up in a search engine if anyone happens to remember that our ten year reunion is coming up soon. We are trying to contact people, and at least with my list of people (Cheryl Clough, Bill Earnshaw, Jimmy Card, Brandi Dubuque, and Sam Clemens) I am having a hard time finding anyone...

So, if you know the wherebouts of anyone from the class of 1995, let me know.
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Some people have gotten together and collected stories, advice and reference material for midwives (and really anyone) who might be involved in a lawsuit. The book is available online, but you can buy a paper copy if you would like.
I questioned the statement, "Interestingly, there are no current prosecutions of unlicensed midwives in the states that license midwives" in the first chapter, and I found out that "Being unlicensed will always have a higher risk of prosecution, but statistically you are safer to be unlicensed in a licensed state than practicing in an unlicensed state." The reasoning is that if the state licenses midwives, the burden of prosecution falls on the licensing agency, and they don't have the resources to prosecute everyone, whereas if the state does not license midwives, the burden falls on the state, and they can just spend the taxpayers money.
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Of course, I am the most objective person in the world, so you will have to agree that Jonathan is the most beautiful baby in the whole world.
Naked baby on the beach
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Jonathan can now climb up me to a standing position! He starts by pushing on my knees, and then grabs my hands. At first I didn't know if it counted, because I didn't know how much I was contributing. But I think he really is doing it.
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He can pick them up rather well and he did enjoy them, after that first "this is a weird sensation" face.
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My mother-in-law complained that in the Lord of the Rings, they use blank stares to portray goodness. Apparently, this is not a new trend, as in this movie (made in 1977), Jesus (except for when he is angry) does not ever have an expression on his face. Sometimes when he is asked questions or spoken to, he will have his eyes closed, and open them slowly, look like he is about to keel over, and then speaks slowly. Maybe he just has a bad headache.
In the events, this movie is reasonably close to scripture, with a couple random sentences and things thrown in, for apparently no reason, I don't think too much to get worked up over though.
It is long - we are 5 hours into it, so hopefully there will be something to change my comments in the first paragraph, and nothing to change the comments in the second paragraph.
He did partially smile at a child once, but other than that, has a blank face a lot of the time.
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When Jonathan was laughing today, what should I see but another break in the gums where a tooth will soon appear! He has been drooling a lot, and he likes chewing on unopened ice pops, but I hadn't felt anything. Maybe that's because I avoid putting my fingers in his mouth now...
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Yesterday, while Jonathan was napping, I went downstairs to do some things. I didn't turn the monitor on, because I was only going to be gone "for a minute." Well, it ended up being a half hour, but I wasn't too concerned because his naps are usually at least 45 minutes, and I couldn't hear him crying. However, when I got back upstairs, there he was, sitting up in the middle of the bed, with pieces of tissue strewn all around him, a piece in each hand, and one dribbling from his mouth! I laughed so hard I was crying.
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The matching top tooth poked through today!
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I don't know the whole story (this article is the first I have heard of it), but if you can believe the media, I guess "they" will be coming to get Jonathan too, since he has picked up something off of the floor and put it in his mouth. Horrors. (More)
Posted by Jon Daley on June 16, 2004, 2:45 pm | Read 32541 times | Comments (1)
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