Saturday, May 17 was a big day for both sides of the extended family.  (More)

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Jonathan got a couple of connect the dots books for Christmas and has recently taken off with them.  He can easily do the ones that go up to 25, and I made him a homemade one that went to 40.  He likes to make his own and have me or Jon fill them out.  Usually he does not label the dots with numbers, though occasionally he will.
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Jonathan wants me to write that he says, "blaller, blaller, hee haw haw."

Noah, on the other hand has some more words and signs.  Well, one sign, cereal.  Words are "down" (dow), "beep" and "bird" which really sounds like (bee.) (More)

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I was supposed to have my appointment last week, but that was the morning I woke up sick.  So it was rescheduled for yesterday.  I measured big, but I knew I would and she wasn't concerned when I told her I always measure big. My blood pressure was exactly the same as last time.  We all (except Noah) got a turn with the fetoscope and got to hear the baby's heartbeat. (More)

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Life cereal was on sale for $2, and we found a $1 off coupon inside one box.  So tonight, Jonathan bought a box of cereal with his own dollar bill.  We all walked to the store together. Jonathan found the cereal aisle by himself and saw where the cereal was, but had Daddy reach up to the high shelf.  Then he waited in the express lane, put his box and his coupon on the counter, and paid with his dollar.  He was especially happy to get his own receipt. (More)

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So, what happens when you take a Handspring that died one day and wouldn't recover after various testing, and leave it in a box to take apart one day to see if it was anything obvious, but mostly forget about it for a year, and then pick it up and put batteries in it?  It starts working, of course.  I had tried every trick I knew about, hard resetting, leaving the batteries out for a week, taking out the expansion card, etc. without any luck.

So, I don't know what happened, nor how stable it currently is, but we had only made a backup to the local memory disk, and not to our hard drive, so we can at least get stuff off of it now. 

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Noah was sick Tuesday, then I got it Thursday morning. We were going to go to a homeschool conference, just for fun this year.  We decided not to go, mostly not to infect our hosts, but we wouldn't have enjoyed the conference at all.  Jonathan got it yesterday, and Jon is feeling unwell in bed today.  At least we weren't sick at the same time, so we could take care of each other.  But another benefit is that nothing was planned for this weekend, so we had time to just hang around sick in bed.
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I won't make this too detailed since Jon especially doesn't like this kind of stuff posted for everyone to read (and well, would you want your business customers - or worse, potential customers - reading about what your children are doing on the toilet?)

But I just wanted it on the record that when we unpacked the closets on 5/5 after Sanda's move, we found the little potty and Noah was immediately interested.  He has been successful several times in the last week and very happy with himself, too.  He usually uses the toilet sign to indicate his need.

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I had turned down some work the other day, and as I thought about it more, realized that I was ready to hire someone to work for me.  I talked to a dad at church, and he thought it was a good idea, and his son was interested as well.  It turns out that he has less programming experience than I thought, but his dad has been pushing for time that is spent learning basic stuff doesn't have to be paid, so that works out for me... (More)

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I added a new link on the sidebar, and wanted folks to see it.  If you use gmail's reader, and are a "friend" of mine (defined by using gtalk/chat/email with me), it will show up in your reader automatically.  For the rest of you, (which is most of you, since I don't use gmail all that much) you can check out the link, or subscribe to that RSS feed, which will contain posts of other people that I don't really have much to comment on (and unlike the rest of the blogging world, don't feel the need to make my own post about it...) but think they are worth reading.
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I found a link to this application a while ago, but never took the time to check it out.  Fortunately, it stuck in the back of my mind that there was a handy application, although even handier that I had saved my bookmarks from an old computer, because I couldn't remember the name, and I couldn't find it with a fair bit of google searching.  So, I'll add this post, both to help future searchers, and also to say what a wonderful application it is.  I don't know python, but could figure it out enough to fix a login bug due to SourceForge changing their login page.  Since I found the bug, I assume that means no one else is using it, though the bug does only apply to new users, so maybe there are a bunch of current users. (More)

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