I was adding more materials to our garden beds, and wanted to mix it in by hand.  It doesn't work so well to lean over with Faith in the backpack, so I set her down on the ground behind me.  Well, that ground was not so level.  She went tumbling over, and the worst part was that her forehead landed right on the wooden corner of an adjacent box.  I nearly panicked, telling myself not to panic.  It looked to me like her skull was dented in. I'm so thankful that Jon was home.  I picked her up, not noticing the dirt on my hands, held her close and ran into the house, calling for Jon to come quickly and look at her forehead.  He took her so I could wash up and get some ice.  She cried a lot, nursing off and on.  Jon held on the ice (frozen peas, really) and eventually the swelling went down enough to tell that her skull truly was fine - PRAISE GOD!  All physical functions are at the same stage they were before the accident and she's her usual happy self now.  She has quite a scrape and bruise that I can hardly look at without getting a sick feeling in my heart, but she's fine and already on the mend.
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3/6 - Jonathan beat Heather in chess, fair and square!

3/18 - Noah said, "I love you" for the first time.  It was to Faith.  Later that day, he said it again to Daddy as he was leaving to go shopping.  He has yet to say it to me, but I know it will come. (More)

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Our printer finally died.  Or actually, it didn't really die, but required more money, so I decided (somewhat hesitantly, since the HP Laserjet 6L is the best printer ever made, according to most sources) to replace it.  The 6L lasted 13 years, so the longest lasting printer I've had since the Epson dot-matrix we had while growing up, which of course, still works.  We've only been able to have one page in the input feeder for years, and when I replaced the fuser a year or two ago, I didn't realize that I could have gotten some new gears to fix the feed issue at the same time.  I bought two toners the last time I bought toner, and it turns out that was a bad idea, as the "wiper" in the toner cartridge rotted out, since we use ink so slowly. (More)

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I had gotten some rather blank emails in my spam folder recently (and some not in the spam folder), so I thought I'd check into it further.  I couldn't figure out why they were wasting their time, as it just contained a bunch of fairly blank HTML, with some tables, and background colors.  When I opened the email in an email client that understands HTML, it all became clear.


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I haven't looked at how much time it took us to do taxes this year - I thought we were doing pretty well, time-wise, until we blew 8 hours or so today finishing them off (or is it them finishing us off, I'm not sure which...)

I noticed a number of places where the strange, complicated math formulas to figure out different values seem to be kind of odd (ie. not just complicated, but don't calculate in the intuitive way for people at different incomes, etc.)  The child credit is biased against self-employed people for some reason, where you can hit a cap relatively quickly, where if you work at a regular company, the cap is much higher (and at least for one guy (with a relatively low salary as a teacher with lots of kids) I asked, impossible to hit - he actually didn't know there was a cap).  (More)

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We finished our taxes today, and the kids were around while we were doing it, and then we went out to the Olive Garden, since we didn't feel like cooking at 8PM when we finished the taxes.  On the way home, we were talking about how much the meal cost (Jonathan has various data points on how much things cost, so trying to fill that in some more - so the dinner was $26 for the five of us (all you can eat breadsticks and salad) and Jonathan thought that was a lot for not very much food. (More)

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 I've been mentioning my garden doings on Serina's blog and in private emails with her, and I thought I'd compile and post the relevant info here.  (More)

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Speaking of news, I forgot to post here that the closing arguments for Judy's trial are scheduled for tomorrow, and I'll be heading to Pittsburgh to hang out with folks who will be there in her support.  Of course, this might be the first time a scheduled meeting actually happened when it was supposed to (or did it already get postponed once?  It's hard to keep it straight) so I wouldn't be too surprised if Lisa is on vacation and forgot to tell anyone. (More)

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Most of you who know me realize that I don't hardly pay any attention to news, and particularly since I started working from home, I can't even get my daily news reports from conversations in the common area.  So, I generally figure I don't know most of what is "going on" in the world, and I guess I adopt the old Star Island tradition of, "if the world blows up, I'll see it coming on the horizon", and not worrying about any of it.

Now that Peter has me setup on facebook rss feeds, I have the oppportunity to actually see all of the status, notes and links of my friends, where previously, I'd only see a couple of them, when I logged in once every week or two. (More)

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I guess we haven't written about Arizona yet, so that'll come later, but Heather posted the pictures today, but I hadn't gotten around to making the panoramic collection yet, so I just did that.  For those of you snappy readers/watchers, you'll probably want to check out the pictures again.  I'm not sure what the RSS feeds will do for the pictures - they might notice the new picture, I'm not sure.
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We skipped the four month appointment because we were in Switzerland, but six months came quickly enough.  At 27.5" long and 16.8lb, she is 50% in weight but 95% in height! Dr.Anderson wondered if we weighed her correctly, but he said when he saw her he had no concerns about her health.  I had thought she was tall, or at least had long arms, since all her long sleeved shirts come up to the middle of her forearms.  She's no skinny minny, though, so I too wonder if the weight is correct.

He was very happy with everything about her and we had a positive visit. She had her first shot which she has done very well with, praise God.  I am happy with our decision to wait a few months.  Let the immune system get bolder, let the thighs get fatter...  Much easier to take that way.

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