Yesterday, Jonathan counted to ten and then to eleven all by himself. This is the first time I've heard him get past six on his own.
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This morning, in beautiful sunny 60 degree weather, Jonathan successfully rode his tricycle all by himself. Since he has finally been able to reach the pedals, I have helped him by getting him started down the slight grade in the driveway. Today for the first time, he managed to start himself from stationary and pedal forward a few revolutions.
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Mom sent this note:
Hi to you both,

At three years old, Isaac would have been old enough to sing in my Joyful
noise choir.  I always listen for his voice but especially tomorrow I'll
listen to hear him sing.

Love, Mom
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ThinkGeek has lots of fun things for those ... uhh... those people like me. I just saw an advertisement for lightsabers, and I immediately thought of Brian, (Heather's cousin) though it says "Although the blade is very durable, it should never be used for fighting or dueling." One thing that is fun about the ThinkGeek site, is they encourage you to send in your Action Shots using the products.
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Just in case you were wondering whether I am critical of everything on the GirlTalk blog: they linked to a particularly good article (I think, though obviously, I don't have much experience with the topic), by Carolyn Mahaney, the mother of the other three women involved in writing on the blog.
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I just realized I haven't posted about the new baby in a while. We have decided to go to the same midwife that we had for Jonathan's birth. She is very excited and our first appointment will be in the middle of December. (More)
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Just for the record, Pittsburgh got snow flurries yesterday. Very fun to watch. A few actually stuck on the car until the sun came out.
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Jonathan is two years old today. Amazing! (More)
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Since we paid for the professional license, we get OpenMake for "free", so I figured I would try it out. The conclusion is that it isn't worth anything. (More)
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I guess I am asking for it, running the gnucash source (1.8.9), but running everything else from Debian testing. I upgraded like usual, somewhere around every week, and didn't think anything of it, because aptitude/Debian always takes care of everything for me. But yesterday, Heather discovered that gnucash wouldn't run any more. oops. (More)
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As mentioned on the GirlTalk blog, there are a what I think is a disproportionate number of men in the Sovereign Grace churches that believe the best way to show affection to other men is to make fun of them, particularly in public. (I suppose I am continuing the stereotype published by the GirlTalk blog, but perhaps I will hear from guys who also think this way)
I have talked with various guys at church who believe this, and insist that is correct, so I guess if that is the only/best way they can show affection, then I guess they should do it, since the other guys seem to understand.
My pastor did say that if that is the only way you show affection, then it is probably wrong, and if that is the only way that other people see you show affection, then it is probably wrong too.
The sad thing is, I think that is at least the majority of the "affection" I see in most guys around me, and it is becoming more and more acceptable. (More)
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When I told Jonathan about Dad-o's conference in New York, he asked, "Where New York?" So I showed him New York on his US puzzle. While we were there, he showed me New Hampshire and Massachusetts, entirely on his own initiative. (More)
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The name of the software that runs this blog used to be called pLog, but registered this name in the US. Even though the project is hardly a US run project, I think most developers are in Europe, and a bunch in China and Taiwan, we decided to change the name, rather than argue with them.
As one friend said, "Since amazon is bigger than you, doesn't that cancel out any trademark issues?" That was in response to me wondering why our use of pLog 2 years before Amazon started using it wouldn't count as prior art or something. Though later we discovered that Amazon trademarked the term in 2003, but just hasn't gotten around to using it yet. (More)
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Like so many other articles on this subject, I will start by saying that I looked at various documents, but none of them worked perfectly for me, so I will write up my own steps. Most of the regular readers of this blog will not care at all about SMTP authentication, TLS, SSL, port 25, 465, 587, postfix (the oldstable postfix-tls) or Debian, though search engines should nicely find those keywords for those people who do care about them. (More)
Posted by Jon Daley on November 8, 2005, 6:59 pm | Read 4207 times | Comments (3)
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