Jonathan fell down one whole flight of stairs all by himself this afternoon. ): All three of us were up in the computer room, and he was happily exploring the floor. Then Jon said, "is something burning?" and I suddenly recalled that I had been making dinner. I rushed downstairs, and in my hurry, did not close the gate behind me. Jon continued doing computer stuff, and Jonathan continued exploring. I took care of the burnt lentils and started making some more. Then we heard three or four thump, bumps, and then crying. When I heard Jon run down the stairs, I knew that Jonathan had fallen down them (and not some other falling.) Jon picked him up, and I came too. Praise God, only one goose egg and a few abrasions on his head, some abrasions on his mouth, and a fat lip. Jon thought there was some bleeding in his mouth, but it stopped before we could look again. After he calmed down, we noted that everything he did was normal - nothing broken or funny. He can walk and pick up things, and all the usual. He does like chewing on the ice pops, though. Rather heartwrenching, I must say.
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Someone from the friends of judy list wrote: Just thinking here, this morning the news reported that there is a mesh "screening" on the city/county building downtown because there is a hazard of parts of it falling off. The building can't be repaired because they don't have the $400,000 to repair it. Hmmm, just how much is going for the trial of our friend? Bet there would be plenty of money for repair if they were not pursuing this case.
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I needed to create a floppy disk today, and needed to find RawWrite again, since my Cygwin dd seems to not be making it correctly. I found a nifty GUI version of RawWrite that is nicer than the old command line version. Sure, the command line works fine, and I am all for command-line things, and no mouse usage, but sometimes it is nice to not have to remember the command-line options.
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Review to come later...
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Charles Finney isn't all that popular at my church, so hopefully I don't get kicked out for reading this (:, but I finally got around to starting to read Lecture Notes on Theology by Finney this morning, when I woke up early due to a cold.
I have only read the first couple of pages, but have found it excellent so far. (More)
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When I came into work today there was a copy of the Financial Times, a newspaper I used to read in college but haven't seen in a long time. There was a front page story on John Kerry speaking in Massachusetts yesterday. I found a couple quotes humorous: (More)
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I have been reading a serious of articles by Bob Kauflin, written for I don't agree entirely, and I think he is primarily focused on younger people, those who like so-called "praise" songs, and don't like hymns, so if you do not understand that camp, you might not get as much out of the talks.
I also purchased a cd somewhat recently by Indelible Grace, and have liked a number of their songs. The lead singer, Matthew Smith is releasing a new cd shortly, and there is an interview on his web page. (More)
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Dr.Anderson called and said that Jonathan's lead came back 9.2. That's below their threshold of 10, but still some, so he said to be careful, make sure we wash his toys and keep the rugs vacuumed and watch out where he plays. Jon isn't really satisfied with that and said he'd call him to see what he'd recommend if Jonathan's levels were over 10.
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I had some boards made by Imagineering, and they are excellent. Currently, they have a $100 for 10 board special, and the second order is free, so I saved a ton of money by not using Advanced Circuits who we usually use. 4pcb messed up a board I sent to them last time, where their mask leaked in a couple places, somewhere around 30 thousandths. Their engineer was supposed to get back to me, but ignored my emails.
Imagineering answers the phone quickly, their process was very smooth, and the boards look nice.
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Ivan came through yesterday, pouring rain for 24 hours, and flooding many parts of Pittsburgh. But today - wow! It's sunny and cool and gorgeous. I went shopping in the morning (Fridays are shopping day, but it was pouring) and I just couldn't help a huge smile as I walked to Foodland. It was 60 degrees (it's a little warmer now) and I had jeans and a light jacket on. It was invigorating! Yay for Fall!
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Jonathan climbed up one whole flight of stairs all by himself this morning! Mommy was at the top and Daddy was behind. At first, he slid down a few stairs, but Jon actually did not have to do any catching the whole way.
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A friend told me about a nifty web page, FreeCycle. There are groups all over the place that have formed for the purpose of giving away stuff. I just got a Xerox machine from a company downstairs from my office, but I wouldn't ever have heard of them had it not been for FreeCycle.
By the way -- the company that gave me the copier is called Radio Information Services, and the service they provide sounds neat.
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Ok, so I wrote the previous post after this happened, but I had been meaning to write it before.
Jonathan has always been fascinated with lights. Yesterday, I held him up to the light in our bedroom and gave him the cord and showed him how to pull it so the light would turn on and off. This afternoon, I was holding Jonathan on the bed, and he reached for the window blind cord. When I gave it to him, he yanked on it and said, "Pull!" I explained that he was holding the cord for the blinds, so it wouldn't be exciting. So I took him to the light again, and he said "pull" several times while pulling the cord and turning the light on and off. How cool is that!?!
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There are times when it seems like Jonathan is saying something in the right context, but it's hard to be sure if he really "means" it. Here are a few of those: Da-dy, Mom, bus, water, ball, out
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Jonathan had a routine blood test at his 9 month appointment, and they say he has a high lead content in his blood. They are re-running the test today, to make sure that they didn't mess it up the first time.
The city will test your water, so we did that this morning. I think it takes a week or two to get the results back. (More)
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