All this talk about Aunt Janet might get Auntie E a little jealous, so I thought I'd let everyone know that Jonathan now calls all dogs Toby and he does recall Auntie E's name when he's remembering the vacation.
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This morning Jonathan and I were looking at a photo album from when I was a baby. One of the pictures was of Mom and me sitting on a bed at the Maggie P. Jonathan pointed at Mom and said, "Aunt Janet!"
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As I was changing a diaper, I thought I heard Jonathan say "eechee", so I said, "eechee, nee, san" (which is my own personal spelling of the sounds of the Japanese for one, two, three.) Then Jonathan said, "Aunt Janet! Jump. [giggles] Eechee, san. Aunt Janet!" He was recalling the fun time he had with Janet learning Japanese on Alex's trampoline.
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For the first time ever, today a stranger assumed that Jonathan is breastfed. We were walking home from the store and an older lady said, "You must have a lot of milk, and he must drink it all!" It was refreshing to hear that after many comments like "what do you feed him?" and "he doesn't skimp on bottles, does he?"
On a related note, I have only gotten one comment about him being an older breastfed child and it was just one of interest from a ten year old friend at church, "He still breastfeeds?" and then a simple "oh" when I replied in the affirmative.
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I had figured it would be too expensive for Lime Daley to accept credit cards, but Citibank recently sent an advertisement that they did card processing that didn't have annual fees. Presumably, they have higher transaction fees to make up for that, but no, they don't! They don't have annual fees, just monthly fees. When I questioned the lady on that, she said that that was completely different, and so it wasn't really misleading.
I have a new web hosting service, without monthly fees, it costs 0.0 cents/minute to host. Note, there may be small errors due to rounding. (More)
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Every day so far since we've been home, Jonathan has remembered out loud the fun he had on vacation. He says, "Water, deep. Sand! Boat. Beach. Water, shovel, water, deep! Uncle Jay, Aunt Prudence, Aunt Janet, Dad-o, Uncle Jay, Just Jay [one in NH who is not Uncle Jay], Dad-o, water, boat, Grandma, Grammy, sand! Uncle Jay, Aunt Janet, water, deep!"
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I have discovered a fun and convenient way to water our plants. Our air conditioner drips about a gallon of water a day if we run it all afternoon. If I put our watering can under the drip, it fills it in addition to keeping water off the porch carpet. Then the next day, I have a full watering can ready and waiting to water the plants!
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Colors - just before we left for vacation, Jonathan and I were sitting on our tshirt quilt. I pointed out a yellow sun, and he repeated me. Then he pointed to another yellow sun and named it, then to a blue shirt and said "blue", to a green shirt and said "green" and finally to a black shirt and said "black"!

Once on vacation, our cousins reinforced his color knowledge with Grandma's colored "asterisks" and now Jonathan knows and can say all the basic colors plus pink, black and white. (More)
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After a lot of deliberation, we (mostly myself, as Heather thinks it is neat, but not really worth the money) decided to get a movie projector, screen and surround sound system. It is a fair amount of money, but is fun. (More)
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Jonathan was reading it to himself while I changed his diaper, and he said the sounds for most of the pages in addition to saying "Brown" and "raining." His favorites are "knock, knock" and "boom, boom, boom!" When he got to the end, he looked at the back cover and said, "house." Sure enough, there was the Random House logo. I did not know that he knew that!
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Jonathan and I were taking a bath this morning when he stuck his face in the water and blew bubbles, his own idea! (More)
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On Saturday evening we were at a reception for a friend's baptism and Jonathan and I headed outside for some play. It was dusk and the fireflies started appearing. I caught some to show Jonathan and he loved them. Then to my surprise, he said, "I got it, firefly!" and sure enough, he had caught one!! It was a nice gentle catch - he just held his open palm up and swept under the firefly until it landed on him. How many fireflies survive the experience of being a child's first catch? (More)
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It's taken a long time and persistence, but I have now succeeded! Today I bought several gallons of oil, milk, and orange juice, and I did not bring a single bag home! (More)
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One day for dinner I prepared a noodle dish from a toddler-friendly cookbook that was "toddler rated 10 out of 10." I also made asparagus as a side dish. Jonathan loves asparagus and helped me taste test it as I was preparing it. Then at dinner we had to tell him that he had to eat a couple more bites of noodles before he could have more asparagus!! (More)
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