Today, Noah is 8 months old!  Yesterday, he played peekaboo with me by pulling the fabric of the sling in front of his face.  When I said, "Where's Noah?" he would pull it away with a big ol' grin and I would say "peekaboo!" (More)
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Sung at a reasonable pace, it takes about 30 seconds to sing.  I have been using it as a device for preparing Jonathan (and myself) for the end of a nursing session (usually two times through.)  One not surprising result is that Jonathan is good at singing it himself now.  His one trouble spot is switching the J and K, but other than that, he does it well and even can go rather quickly.
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Yesterday, I mailed the payoff check for our mortgage.  This is very exciting for us.  To be completely debt free (even of 'good' debt) and really truly own our house.  Sure, it helps to have a house that didn't cost very much to start with.  But we have been paying extra every month, and now there's enough in savings to pay off the balance.  Ten years and thousands of interest dollars early, yay!
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Good thoughts here: Fast and Feast in Lent

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Jonathan: "I know why Isaac died."

Mommy [thinking she'd like to know]: "You do? "

Jonathan: "It's because his body stopped working."  

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I never knew Josh Harris had brothers, but I recently found out about their web site, and a survey they have published - the questions were based on questions and comments from women who were interested in what guys thought about different articles of clothing, make-up, etc.

The survey results were published today.

But, before you read the survey, check out the common misconceptions.

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Lower left.  It's been bothering him for quite a while.  Glad it's through and I hope the matching one comes quickly so we can have a rest for a while. (More)
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We had a big bash, hosted by the Moores.  I invited all our Pittsburgh friends that I had valid email addresses for. (So if you missed it and are disappointed, send me your correct email address!) Total attendees: 45 (including babies.) (More)
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Note to self: when going to bed, and walking past a heating vent that is blowing cold air, double check that the furnace is working.  52 degrees in the house this morning, and it isn't that cold out (27 or so). (More)
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One of the LifeType users reported a security problem in the RSS parser that allowed any file on your system to be read.  ick.

Oscar has fixed it and 1.1.6 will be released tomorrow.

Everyone on my server has been upgraded already and it probably isn't too critical for them, at least in the case of retrieving their mysql password, which was the reported problem, since mysql doesn't allow remote access, so it would have to be a customer of mine.  Though I suppose since any file could have been read, it is possible that some other file could have been opened.

Actually, I just checked the server logs, and no attempts were made to get any files that had a ".." in them, so everyone should be alright. 

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I finally got around to taking apart our radio in our car that has had a CD stuck in it since we purchased the car.  The dashboard came out unexpectedly easily, so I should have done it a long time ago -- I had been intimidated by not seeing any obvious screws, but when I yanked on it, everything just popped off. 

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Jonathan was wearing a shirt he got from Auntie E for Christmas and he looked down at his chest and said, "zero-s-h-k-zero-s-h.  Oshkosh!"  That was interesting to me because when he was first learning numerals, he called zeroes "o."  When I menioned that in this case they were letters, so they were O's, he said, no, they had this shape, so they were zeros.  It was a font thing. (one more thing to note - he was reading the letters upsidedown because he was wearing the shirt.) (More)
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So last week while I was busy preparing for Jon's 30th birthday party, Noah decided to do a lot of things, even though I didn't have time to blog about them! (More)
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I had been wondering for a few days if I was seeing correctly.  But yesterday I knew for sure, and this morning only confirms it.  Noah finishes what's on his tray and looks up at me expectantly.  I ask, "more, please?" with signs (sometimes it's a full sentence like 'do you want more bread') and there it is! He brings his hand somewhere between his stomach and chest and rubs with his hand opening and closing (rather as if he's tickling himself.)  So there you have it, folks - Noah's first word is the sign for please(More)
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Noah now prefers creeping on hands and knees  - you can see a video on his pictures page.  I also think he went from sitting to crawling once today, but I didn'tt actually see the process.


Other pictures are up, including a picture of Jonathan's maze he solved all by himself.

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