Noah has added a fourth word to his consistent spoken vocabulary: "Uh-oh!"  Sometimes it sounds like "uh-uh" and sometimes "oh-oh" but it's always in the right context.

He also knows how to tell you to be quiet:  He puts his index finger to his lips, and blows out silently.

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I was washing my hands at the bathroom sink, and Noah came excitedly running up with a toy boat.  But in his excitement, he smashed his face into the corner of the sink.  He cried surprisingly little, considering that there was blood in his mouth.  But I didn't notice the chip until about an hour later.  It is small but noticeable, on his top right incisor.  He is not bothered by it, and nursing is no problem (I was a bit concerned about that one) so I think we won't do anything about it for now.
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11/28 - Sanda has been teaching us Romanian, and one day Jonathan was asking what various random words were.  We thought he said, "walk" and Sanda hesitated because it's a verb, so when she asked him to clarify (I walk, you walk, she walks?) he said, "No! Not 'walk' with a w, 'lock' with an l."

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This month has been full, busy, and blog-sparse.  Because we're actually living life instead of blogging about it!  But here goes:

Noah is experimenting more with sounds.  He copies a lot.  Still not much consistently, but here are some things we've heard him say: "where?" "Papa" "more" "Dad" "no" "none" "that" "hot" "hat."  He also often covers his mouth when he sneezes or coughs.

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Jonathan loves to create meals and side dishes.  On 10/2, he made a vegetable salad that we have recreated several times.  Carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, onions, with one lemon's worth of juice as a dressing.  Simple and delicious.

10/12 - I was in the basement doing laundry when the phone rang.  It was Sanda.  She was trying to take a shower and all the water disappeared! It just struck me funny to get a phone call from upstairs.


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Noah is 30lb 12 oz, 34 1/2" tall.  He's getting over a cold, so the doctor could see fluid in both ears, but it's mild and Noah doesn't even care about it. (More)

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Both boys like to help me with the laundry.  Jonathan can unload the washer completely independently (standing on a stool and leaning nearly all the way in!)  Then he tosses the wet clothes on the dryer door (opens downward to form a shelf of sorts) and Noah pushes or throws the clothes into the dryer.  All while I do something else useful! (More)

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As has already been observed, I haven't been so diligent at writing down the doings and sayings of my sons.  Here's what I did write down and what other stuff I can remember. (More)

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Monday, Noah walked all the way to the ShurSave on his own two legs.  He also pushed the stroller the last half.  The only exception was that I carried him across Friendship Ave because his walking speed is not yet up to crossing that busier road. (More)

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Noah just walked down from the third floor to the second facing forward, holding the railing, all by himself!  This railing is lower than normal, I noted with Jonathan that it's a great way to start learning.

On another note, Noah has another word, "go." 

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Jon first noticed red spots on Jonathan's tongue and soft palate while brushing his teeth.  Then we noticed bug bite/pimple-like spots on his knees and then Noah's knees.  Then Noah got more and more spots all around the edges of is diaper area and some on arms and legs.  After two days of this, we thought to look in Noah's mouth and sure enough, red spots. (More)

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We're back from a lovely two weeks at the best little house in the world.  I'll save time (so much to catch up on!) by linking to Janet's first post and you can proceed through all five entries.  The boys absolutely loved the sand and water and freedom.  It was rather hot throughout the visit, but at least we had the water nearby to cool off in. (More)

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Jonathan is pretty good at catching a ball or object now.

He likes for me to print out coloring book pages for him.  But he doesn't want to color them.  He likes to cut the object (usually an animal) out.  He does a very nice job.

He can now reach our lightswitches if he jumps.

Noah can crawl backwards down the stairs, though so far has not made it all the way down before deciding he wants to go back up again.  I'm still not comfortable letting him do it without supervision, so I usually carry him down after he stops making downward progress. 

Oh, and I think he says "ball" now. 

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Noah can now walk across a room, and he tries walking about half the time.  Video

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Happy Birthday, little guy!

Jonathan and I have been singing the birthday song to him all day, and Jonathan's version includes "dear my little brother Noah."  (More)

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